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Heavy ovulation bleed (obvious TMI alert!) anyone else have this??

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Wanderlust101 Wed 12-Jan-11 19:06:00

Hi all,

I have always had bleeding between periods, seen several gynaes and one fertility specialist and all have told me this shouldn't affect my fertility (we have been ttc for almost 18 months with no luck so I find this hard to believe).

Having been sent away and told it's normal for the umpteenth time, I'm really looking for proof that's the case and other ladies with this have managed to get PG!

To clarify (here comes the TMI) it's not just a few drops around ovulation - which I know many ladies on here get - it's A LOT. Bright red and enough to soak through underwear. Doesn't last long but can come and go on and off from CD11-17 or so. I definitely do ovulate (had all the blood tests and every investigation except a lap and dye) so it's not anovulation. No identified fertility problem either.

Anyone got a reassuring word on this? I am getting really down about my chances as well as just f***ed off to be bleeding yet again :-(

Karstan Wed 12-Jan-11 19:18:00

I'm in a similar situation.

I used to get mid-cycle spotting accompanied by cramping but about 6 months ago I started to get a lot more bleeding. It wouldn't last long, sometimes only being one 'gush' of what looks like pure blood - v. red and much thinner than the blood that accompanies a period.

An ultrasound later they decided it was a polyp, but discovered fibroids too. I had a hysteroscopy in June to remove the polyp but this did nothing to the mid-cycle bleeding.

They don't seem too concerned now with that, and have never said anything about it affecting fertility (although the accompanying cramping means I don't feel much like SWI-ing around ovulation time). I've been TTC-ing for 6 months without success, but have been told I am likely to have problems getting pregnant/staying pregnant because of the fibroids which are apparently unrelated to the bleeding.

Phew, I'm not sure any of this is helping you any. But just wanted to let you know that I get something v. similar. Like you I get peed off that as well as 7 day long periods I have bleeding mid cycle and now spotting a couple of days before my period starts proper and it feels like I'm bleeding all the frigging time!

Wanderlust101 Wed 12-Jan-11 22:42:12

Hey Karstan - I absolutely second everything you say. It so disheartening and depressing (my DH is put off by the bleeding so SWI-ing around ovulation is sometimes a bit of an ordeal!) It does sound like we have a very similar pattern (my periods are also seven days and I get spotting later in the month too. The gush of 'thin' blood is identical). Reassuring to hear that they don't think the bleeding is a problem for fertility - which is what I've also been told - although I'm disappointed for you it didn't stop after the polyp was removed. I have only been investigated for fibroids recently by transvag ultrasound which was fine, had a hysteroscopy about ten years ago which found nothing, but I am worried something hasn't been picked up.

The one thing I have been told it could be is cervical erosion, which I was diagnosed with recently. TBH, I have seen so many people and no one has seemed that interested and a lot of the things I have been told by one doctor have contradicted others, so I'm not really any more clued up!

Next step seems to be to demand a laparoscopy, the only thing I haven't had but told it is the 'gold standard' for diagnostics.

If you find any answers let me know (I'll do the same!)

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