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Blood tests - dont make mistake I did!

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absentbump Tue 11-Jan-11 16:27:32

Just thought i'd say to anybody having their blood tests done by your doctor to get the results printed for you or read out to you. When I had mine done back in Feb 10 I called the doc after and they just said they are all normal so was happy and carried on trying for another 6 months. When I went for my first fertility appointment in Nov I had to take a copy of them and so collected them from the doc. I studied them and its obvious from them (and I double checked with my friend who is a GP) and it shows im not ovulating at all levels were so low even though my AF is regular and they clear blue fertility monitor shows ovulation each month. Am so angry as all the time thought I was ovulating and was not so just wanted to make sure with anybody testing if they don't send you the print out of your results and just say normal always double check. Wish I had know as wouldnt gone for further checks sooner. Its been 19 months now and just got my next appointment through for the early Feb so finges crossed they will start me on clomid straight away.....

KnackeredCow Tue 11-Jan-11 17:21:34

Sorry to hear that absentbump

Did they do the day 21 progesterone test on the correct day ie 7 days before AF due? My GP initially forgot to do the progesterone test, and then tried to tell me it should be done on day 21. This is incorrect if you have a longer or shorter cycle. It was done eventually and it was fine.

Was the FC worried? Normally they would repeat the bloods if the result showed no ovulation to confirm. Even a woman with no fertility problems and a regular cycle may have a month in which she doesn't ovulate.

Sorry just trying to put your mind at rest. I am probably not being helpful and I can understand your frustration and anger.

Good luck for the Clomid anyway. I am sure they will start you off on it. At my FC it's standard procedure if they can't identify the cause of infertility regardless of whether you are or are not ovulating.

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