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urgent question re: HSG

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MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 00:05:37


this is very urgent, please help!

WHY are HSG's scheduled when they are? I called a couple of different places and was told it should be between day 8 and 12 in one place and between 7 and 10 in another. After telling them my cycle day I was then offered an appointment on CD13 confused

I really need to get this done soon, as I have just had surgery for AS, but best chances of conceiving (assuming all clear) are in the first three months after surgery, if I dont succeed I will need more surgery. So obviously I dont want to "waste" the first month.

Is the scheduling just to be sure that you couldnt be pregnant at the time of the exam? Or is there another reason?

thanks for your help!

MissFit Tue 11-Jan-11 00:44:21

I dunno but I've got one tomorrow and I will be on day 16. They only told me you couldn't have one when you're on your period.

I don't see it as a month wasted as I've been trying for so long now that another month is nothing. And I really want to find out if there's anything wrong as I've got to the point now where I'd like answers even if it is bad news.

MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 02:13:26

Hi MissFit,

Thanks for your reply.

Thats interesting and reassuring that you are having yours on Day 16, I dont feel so worried now.

I had an HSG done immediately after surgery (but I was under GA) and know that both tubes are open and all scar tissue was removed successfully, so I am not too worried about the actual results. There is a chance that some scar tissue may have regrown in the last six weeks but having the procedure itself will help to "wash away" any new filmy scars, which is mainly why I am having it done.

Hope you get good results, it is so important to get a good early diagnosis if there is something wrong.

Let me know how you get on


KnackeredCow Tue 11-Jan-11 09:40:36

Yes, scheduling is just to make sure that you are not pregnant because of the risks associated with the exposure of the embryo to radiation.

I am booked in for an HSG too. I was given a booklet by the hospital explaining why they will only do them on Day 1 - 10, but after you have stopped bleeding.

This is what it says: X rays can pose a risk in pregnancy during the early stages of development, so we have to do the test at a time when there is little chance of you being pregnant


Under the rules of radiation protection we can only perform this test within 10 days of the start of your priod. Day 1 is the first day that you have any bleeding. Should you come for the test and you are over 10 days we will not be able to perform the test because of radiation protection rules

The time to do the test is after you have stopped bleeding, usually between days 5-10 from the start of your period. Performing it any earlier than day 5 of your period could result in the test being inconclusive

If however you haven't had sex since before the first day of your last period, then there's no chance you could be pregnant and I personally don't see a problem - although where I am, even if you tell them this they won't take the risk. I had flu for the first 10 days of my cycle this time and tried to book in for 14 and promised to abstain, but they still refused.

Might depend on your individual centre?

MissFit Tue 11-Jan-11 12:54:55

At my centre they ask you not to have unprotected sex from the first day of your period before the test and you have to sign a form to say that you haven't when you go for the test (I guess so you can't sue them if you lie and ARE pregnant). You also take a urine sample so they can test for pregnancy before the xray.

I just had mine this morning, well I actually had 4!!! shock angry
They couldn't get it to work and it was still unsuccessful on the 4th attempt. So I've STILL no idea whether my bloody tube is blocked or not. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Was not prepared for this eventuality!!!!!!!!!!!!

helenlouisey Tue 11-Jan-11 13:04:41

Hi MummyAbroad

I remember chatting before when you thought you may have AS, really sorry to hear that you had that confirmed but great news that you've had surgery, and hopefully it won't be long till a BFP. Did you have the surgery with Mr Trew or Mr Lower or a local doctor?

It;s definitely the best thing to get an HSG done a month or so after surgery, I didn't and have wasted months of trying naturally, IUI and IVF all of which failed as I still had some scarring remaining.

Anyway I am now under the care of Mr Trew and having surgery next monday, so fingers crossed. I had an HSG prior to scheduling surgery with Mr Trew and I had it done on cycle day 12, I believe that they can do it on any day of cycle as long as you aren't bleeding, but if there's any chance of you being pregnant then the xray would be very harmful, so if you haven't had intercourse that month or have used protection then I think day 13 will be absolutely fine. Where are you going for the HSG? Fingers crossed that you will get the all clear, and can start TTC really soon.

Good luck

MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 13:47:04

Hi HelenLouisey,

I remember you, I think you recommended the yahoo group to me, thanks very much. Yes, I had surgery with Dr Lower, but now I am back in Costa Rica so I am getting the HSG done here.

Full story here

Dr Lower had said I didnt need the HSG, but so many other women on the yahoo site seemed to think it important. I wrote to Dr March and he said, Yes, I should get one. Your experience also seems to prove that true. I am so sorry that your IUI/IVF failed, where do you stand now?

Hi MissFit I had a failed sonohysterogram before being diagnosed with Ashermans Syndrome. Its the same kind of procedure only with saline solution, and they couldnt get the tube in because my cervix was scarred shut. Do you have absent or very light periods? If you want to talk more about AS I started a thread here , but also there is an amazing support group on yahoo which you can access via Please dont listen to anyone if they start talking to you about AS and say it is not treatable. IT IS, but you MUST go to an AS expert to get treatment.

Knackeredcow Thanks! That is brilliant info, just what I needed. I chart and use OPK's, I am convinced that pregnancy is not a possibility even though I have had sex once this cycle. Different places certainly do have different rules, as I am paying private they are not being too strict with me.

MissFit Tue 11-Jan-11 22:02:25

MummyAbroad - my periods are very regular and normal, not heavy but not very light either.

AFAIK they didn't have a problem inserting the tube into my cervix - they did this ok and they started inserting the dye but there was a problem with the balloon / dye (????) I'm not exactly sure what - but they didn't see what they needed to see on the xray anyway

The radiographer said it sometimes doesn't work for some people but did say why.

MissFit Tue 11-Jan-11 22:03:27

didn't say why

MummyAbroad Tue 11-Jan-11 22:53:09

Aw, I'm sorry MissFit after all that build up and worry and no result! Are they planning to try it again? Do you think it might have been the skill (or lack of) of the radiographer? If you have normal periods it doesnt sound like an AS case at all. Lots of ladies with AS who have failed HSG's report that the dye just spills back out of the tube, the uterus cavity doesnt fill up and expand.

How frustrating that they didnt give you a proper explanation, can you call and ask if it indicates a medical problem or not?

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