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TTC whilst breastfeeding (so periods haven't returned)... advice requested!

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MrsHumphz Thu 06-Jan-11 20:13:09


I'm breastfeeding my 7mo and am TTC.

However, my periods still haven't returned. I've been TTC for a ridiculously long time (I wanted twins!!) but knew that the odds were pretty minimal as I was bf every 3 hours.

However, I'm now just b/f twice a day (both times at night) so I'm (according to the medical websites) fertile. I still haven't had my periods back.

Couple of questions - how on earth can you get pregnant without periods? Are eggs being released and just drifting around? I've been googling insanely and still can't find anything that will tell me what is going on with my body, and what's happening to my eggs!

If anyone has any info about the above, I'd appreciate it.


whysolate Thu 06-Jan-11 20:22:14

Hi MrsH. I know that you can ovulate and produce eggs while breastfeeding.

When my DD was born I was feeding religiously every three hours. I had no periods either and fell pregnant when she was 3 months old.

Her brother was born early resulting in them being born 9 months apart. I am sorry I cannot help you with the biological side of things, but I do know you can still get pregnant even if your periods haven't returned.

Good luck! smile

IslandIsla Fri 07-Jan-11 11:51:03

There is a thread for Breastfeeders who are TTCing - should be somewhere in the list of threads.

If you haven't had a period yet, you can still get pregnant as ovulation precedes a period. But if you didn't conceive on that ovulation, you would get your period. Does that make sense? So basically they say you can get pregnant with having your period first as you are waiting for the first ovulation.

If you have dropped to 2 feeds a day I think you will find periods return soon. For me it returned a couple of months after we dropped night feeds (with 4-6 feeds during the day).

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