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Had Lap and Dye yesterday...

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jenjins Thu 06-Jan-11 14:25:29

Had this done yesterday and was wondering if any of you have fallen pregnant soon after.

I have had two previous laparoscopies, last one two years ago with mild endometriosis but yesterday there was no active endo just a few adhesions over the left ovary and tube which were removed but tube wasnt blocked. Right ovary was slightly poly cystic, although i have no pcos symptoms and have regular periods. Doc said just by flushing tubes increases chances.

Anyone had such luck?!

thegrowler Thu 06-Jan-11 14:49:52

I had this procedure done in Jan 09 and fell pregnant on the same cycle. My DD is now 15 months! I'm convinced the lap & Dye flushed my tubes as I had been trying for over 2 years prior to this, my DH called it the "jet wash" op blush Good luck!!

jenjins Thu 06-Jan-11 14:55:23

Ha Ha Jet Wash!! My partner made some sort of joke too about it.

Thats great to hear! Congrats. You do wonder if sometimes it does get blocked by even the smallest thing. I have never had problem getting pregant before but now this is time its taking longer so i am so glad that i had the lap to finally see what was going on in there. Was a bit shocked when doc mentioned about polycystic right ovary but she said there were only a few follicles on it and she thought i was having irregular cycles but i am not so hopefully it wont get worse too soon and can get pregant asap.

Am day 20 today so will have to wait until the end of month to ttc again.


LankyLegs Thu 06-Jan-11 15:00:25

Hi jenjins

Just wanted to say good luck! I am having one in a couple of weeks and have been wondering the same - whether the 'flushing out' would help. Have heard very similar stories. I dont have nay suspected endo - but had a failed hycosy as they couldn't seem to get past the upper uterus - they said they would try and imrove this during the lap as well as checking the tubes.

Will keep posted to hear your news!

Rocky12 Thu 06-Jan-11 15:32:27

Same with me, TTC for 18 months, had operation and two months later was pregnant (and over 40!)

jenjins Thu 06-Jan-11 17:36:07

Thanks Lankylegs. Fingers crossed

Rocky12 thats great news to hear!!

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