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Starting to think i am just not a baby maker :(

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Devastation Thu 06-Jan-11 14:11:08

Hi, im new to posting (but have been a visitor for quite a while).

My background:
# Was on contraceptive pill for long time (6 years +).
# Started TTC had 4 MC and numerous BFN.
# Now ive just been diagnosed with Underactive Thyroids and doctor doesn't want us to continue TTC, until right dose etc is sorted.

Im starting to think I am just not right inside for making babies and that my dream of big family is all over...

In the days of my late/missed periods (now realise due to Thyroids)i've even planned which of everything we will have (pram, cot etc).

I have everything planned and ruined so many times now.

{Slaps self in face}

Sorry i dont mean to complain, there are ladies who cant even have children (my mum included - i was a 1/1,000,000 chance as she had 2 etopic pregnancies before me and both tubes were removed!)

iwilldothis Thu 06-Jan-11 15:13:53

awww, sorry to hear this. welcome to these boards, by the way. I'm sure this is devastating news for you, as your nickname indicates. What age are you, if you don't mind me asking? I took a long time TTC and also had an EP with 1 tube removed, and had to wait 6 months after surgery before TTC I know a little of what you must feel now, although not to the extent you must feel it....if that makes any sense.
I know this won't be easy to do, but you seem very focused on having a baby right now.... Do you work at all? If not, would you consider finding a job, or is there some other project you could tackle like DIY or whatever, just to give you something else to focus on for a while? After my EP, I found that going back to work and giving myself to it 100% really helped me...but I know everyone's different and what works for one may not work you another, but maybe this is worth considering?? I hope that makes sense?
Hugs to you and keep posting....

Devastation Thu 06-Jan-11 20:20:25

Thanks iwilldothis! yes I do work full time and I study in my own time!! I'm late 20's so I know I have lots of time but our plans was to have children by now (notice the plural!).

I've read it back and noticed that I maybe was having a slight rant alongside a major mood swing having read up underactive thyroid symptoms and problems that can face pregnancy! I am what they call a 'google sl^t'

I'll be sure to stay on here, even while not TTCing, u all seen like a very good support network for each other ...

LankyLegs Fri 07-Jan-11 09:31:25

Am very sorry to hear about the rough time that you have had. I just wanted to add some re-assurance for you. I have an underactive thyroid and have been trying for 18 months - have just got it settled to a level that is safe for conception. However I did read a lot about MC and and having an underactive thyroid (but many GP's dismiss - Consultants however do see there is a link) - the fact is that you have managed to concieve (which I know is really hard when it ends in a MC) but you need to focus on getting your thyroid levels corrected and with any luck this should really reduce the risk on MC.

I know it's easier said than done - but try and focus on getting your thyroid levels corrected and see what comes after that. It can be a slow process - took me 6 months to get the right dose and still I have not concieved but at least that is one thing I can now rule out as problem and then focus on the next thing. The thing I have found that has helped keep me sane is to actually stop temping, using ovulation sticks etc etc - it just all adds to the obsession and now that I am in the system with the Fertility Clinic I am able to focus on the next phase of tests/treatments - which is great as it either means they will find something out that they can then help with - or put your mind at rest knowing that it might just take a little longer that everyone else.

Good Luck x

shouldnotbehere Fri 07-Jan-11 16:50:22

My cousin had the same thing, but four years since she started TTC she has her gorgeous baby girl. Her daughter was conceived naturally. It was very upsetting for her, but like you she started trying young, and has her little girl at 30 years old.

My cousin said that she got pregnant after she'd changed jobs. She's previously had a very stressful job, which I dont think helped.

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