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Hi, new to this.....

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jay51 Wed 05-Jan-11 20:33:02

Hi all,
I'm new to this forum but really struggling with ttc baby 2.
Would love to hear from anyone in the same boat, even with a happy ending!!!

I have a four year old boy, who I fell pregnant without trying.... dont like to use the word accident!! Been trying for no. 2 for 3 years since, had 3 miscarriages in the first year and nothing since. Had blood tests and internal scans and all they have come up with in the last two years is boeardaline pco. I dont really know what else to do other then post something on here as my friend told me your a very helpful bunch!
Sorry if a little long winded...
J x

reddaisy Wed 05-Jan-11 20:35:22

Hiya, sorry to hear you are having problems and someone who knows much more about this kind of thing will be a long very soon. But...I know that losing weight can alleviate the symptoms of polycystic ovaries so is that something that could help you do you think?

jay51 Wed 05-Jan-11 21:00:39

Hi, thanks for your reply.
My BMI is in normal range and i'm a size 12.
But maybe your right, would do anything at the moment if im honest!!

reddaisy Thu 06-Jan-11 22:35:51

I don't know what else to suggest then I'm afraid. Good luck though!

kat2504 Thu 06-Jan-11 22:46:50

If your weight is normal then losing weight won't help. I think the comment was based on the fact that a number of ladies who suffer with pcos are a bit overweight and losing weight can make a difference.
Victoria Beckham apparently has pcos and losing weight is not something she needs to do.
I was under the impression that docs suggested Clomid for women with pcos that are struggling to conceive. Perhaps as they say you are borderline they think you should try a bit longer?

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