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Advice on TTC and exercise.

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Vics79 Tue 04-Jan-11 17:17:04

Does anyone who has been successfully pregnant have good advice about exercise and eating whilst TTC. We are on month 7 of ttc since a m/c, AF arrive today (4days early grr). For example will starting jogging in the evenings help or hinder conception? I haven’t done more than just walking for about 6months. I have it in my mind that jogging will prevent sperm meeting egg which is crazy but I think TTC has turned me crazy!

winterwombatland Tue 04-Jan-11 18:10:19

Sorry to hear about your mc and frustrations with ttc and you're not crazy at all Vics - I think we all start making stuff up.... The time for sperm to meet egg is a window of about 12 -24 hours so if your theory had some basis (and I'm not saying it doesn't) and it makes you feel more at ease, then lay off the jogging post SWI for a couple of days. All the advice points to regular exercise and a balanced diet being good for conception and pregnancy. Jogging is fabulous all-round for cardio and toning and weight loss and free as well! I'd suggest starting with walking for 2 mins, jogging for 2 mins and then 2 walking, 3 jogging etc. and before you know where you are you'll be jogging for 30 mins on the trot. Good luck!

Teds77 Tue 04-Jan-11 18:53:36

Also sorry to hear about your mc and frustrations Vics.

I have no scientific basis for saying the following so feel free to ignore! I've been trying to be healthier (avoid alcohol, caffeine, eat lots of fruit and veg etc.) after several months ttc with no success. However, the exception to this has been exercise - not because I thought it might have a negative impact but because I haven't done much exercise since around May last year when I changed jobs/began working much longer hours.

I'm actually trying to rectify this now. I'm not overweight or particularly unfit but I could certainly be fitter and healthier and I would assume this would help when ttc and would certainly not hinder. Though others might disagree/know better!

As winterwombatland says, if your theory had some basis and it makes you feel more at ease, then lay off the jogging post SWI for a couple of days. Also might be worth googling whether there is a lower 'ideal' BMI for conception. When I've been at my lightest my periods have stopped and I suspect if you have lots of muscle and hardly any body fat at all (elite-athlete-stylee) this might effect your periods too. But everyone is different and it doesn't sound like you intend to run 20km every day...

Vics79 Wed 05-Jan-11 11:46:07

Hey, thanks for all this advice. I think i will lower myself gently in to the jogging. There must be thousands of women who have successfully conceived even doing lots of exercise.I@m just coming up with weird and wonderful theories in my desperation!

Karstan Wed 05-Jan-11 11:59:26

My consultant has told me that the only time exercise might hinder conception is if you go from nothing to loads. So if you're body is used to exercise then carrying on as you are is fine but it's not the time to go on a crazy health kick. Gently increasing activity levels is of course fine too.

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