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weird taste

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Brewster Mon 03-Jan-11 15:53:17

Starting getting a weird taste in my mouth today.
Didnt happen at all with 1st pregnancy.

Made a cake for my grandad's 80th and to me it tasted disgusting!!was so embarrassed that maybe that was how it tasted to everyone else too!!they reassured me it was good I guess it was just me and I still have that taste in my mouth.
Preg test was negative yesterday and today I have brown spotting...

anyone have similar?
Tomorrow is day 14 post ovulation.

TomboyWife Mon 03-Jan-11 22:50:39

I often get a metallic taste off and on during the second half of my cycle. Never knowingly been pg (though there have been a few months that I suspect were near misses).

Is the spotting turning to anything more substantial, or is it just spotting? If the latter, I'd say give it a few more days and test again.

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