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Just come off contraceptive pill and TTC question?

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LilyIsTTCno1 Mon 03-Jan-11 13:54:53

Hi ladies, my last contraceptive pill was Sunday 19th December, last AF was 23rd December, lasted the usual 4 days and haven't had a pill since as we decided that we are going to try for our first

Today I have started to bleed again, I'm not worried just wondered if someone could let me know why?

Is this my first 'normal' period in 6 years and 3 months? And do I start my 'P Tracker' iPhone App from today?

Thanks in advance xxx

LilyIsTTCno1 Mon 03-Jan-11 14:25:37


JoJoMam Mon 03-Jan-11 17:05:33

I think you should expect the unexpected. When I came off the pill after years of use it took a few months to get back into a true routine with odd spotting here and there and funny mini periods between the expected ones. After a few months it will settle down, or much earlier if you are lucky. Good luck ttc!

CaveMum Mon 03-Jan-11 18:16:09

I've been off the Pill for almost 8 months and it that time have had just two periods!

Everyone's body reacts differently to the Pill so what happens to one person may not be the case for another.

As long as you are not bleeding too heavily I would give it a few months before seeking advice from a GP.
My GP told me to come back if nothing had changed after 6 months - it hasn't so I'm off to see her again next week!

Good luck!

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 03-Jan-11 18:22:53

Any bleeding between periods should be checked out medically by a GP to ascertain the cause. Its often not serious but it should be checked all the same.

The pill leaves your system very quickly after taking the last tablet.

LilyIsTTCno1 Mon 03-Jan-11 18:35:03

Thanks everyone!

I have a appointment soon so I will be sure to bring it up!

gillythekid Tue 04-Jan-11 17:24:32

I took the pill for 8 years and had no periods whatsoever (I needed to suppress ovulation due to endometriosis) I came off the pill a couple of weeks before my wedding, got married on the Friday and was pregnant by the Monday! I had no idea of my cycle and it was a massive, yet welcome shock. I'm ttc again now and just got my period today so will be checking in here regularly, good luck.

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