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Do I need to lower my sugar intake?

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CrazyAlien Thu 30-Dec-10 17:07:55

hey everyone,

I eat alot of sweet things, current addiction are jaffa cakes, but I have a decent amount of chocolate each day! Luckily I have a high metabolism so remain a size 10....
Have been TTC for 6 months to no avail.. does anyone know anything about sugar intake and troubles conceiving? I have my new years resolution all set up- chocolate and alcohol (if wanted) on Fridays only I wonder if that will make any difference...

It is going to be so hard as have such a sweet tooth!


wakarimasen Thu 30-Dec-10 17:29:55

Hi Alien,

I love my chocolate too but I really dont think it should be causing you any problems. There is a lot to be said for adopting a more healthy / balanced diet though so maybe cutting down on sweets a little is a good way to start.

Have you tried temping / charting your BBT? I did and realised we had not been planning our efforts at the correct time of the month. After 2 months of charting I got a BFP (though sadly ended in MC)

CrazyAlien Thu 30-Dec-10 18:22:23

Thanks for the reply :0)
No I haven't tried charting as such. I did try cbfm for two months but given up as got my peaks etc did the SWI at right times and had no luck. Felt rubbish so decided to try to relax. I don't really have any spare time to temp plus have memory like a goldfish lol

Sorry to hear about your mc have you been TTC for long?


wakarimasen Thu 30-Dec-10 19:26:24

I started TTC in May and got Preg in July. The pregnancy ended at around 6 weeks (when my symptoms stopped and I just "knew". I bled for ages and ended up with a ERPC at the end of August. I have put off trying for a while just to recover emotionally and am now back TTC this month! I am now 1DPO and in the dreaded 2ww. I hope you have some joy soon - everyone keeps telling me to just relax hmm. But I am fairly packing the choclate away this month - it is Christmas after all wink

CrazyAlien Thu 30-Dec-10 20:27:58

awww sorry about your past preg, but at least you know you can conceive :D

I had a amh blood test today and will find out in 2 weeks what my eggs are like... dreading that! have a feeling I may not be 'normal\

its just so annoying that people I know that are so unhealthy get preggers straight away....

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