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Cycles after the pill

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LittleSquirt Tue 28-Dec-10 10:38:10

Morning! Well, I was on the pill for 8 months after my DD and I have just stopped as we now want to TTC #3. Sorry if what follows is TMI... Got AF and I am now CD14 but no sign of OV any time soon. Checking CM religiously but it's very confusing, after 2 days for sticky and 2 days of creamy (usually a sign that EWCM is just around the corner!) my cervix seems very dry today!

Has anyone had really long confusing cycles after stopping the pill? I know it's probably not that uncommon but would find it comforting to hear your stories. I have heard that the first cycle off the pill I might be super fertile so I really want to catch this little egg...when it does finally make an appearance!!!


spilttheteaagain Tue 28-Dec-10 16:39:25

Hi, if you want to join those of us who feel no shame in discussing CM please do pop over to Charter's Anonymous!

CD14 is still fairly early so whilst I know it's frustrating, I wouldn't be concerned about it. If your cervix is still low, firm, dry then don't worry about SWI as you aren't yet in the fertile phase, just keep checking each day and go for it when the cervix changes and/or fluid appears.

My post pill cycles went:
29 days, ovulated on CD19
26 days, ovulated on CD16
23 days, ovulated on CD14
Then CD12 ovulation on the next one

So they definitely started longer and gradually shortened and I've now settled at about CD12-CD14 ovulation and a 22-24 day cycle.

Lots of my Charting bunch seem to ovulate around CD20-CD25 and just have slightly longer cycles overall. What were yours like when you weren't on the pill?

LittleSquirt Tue 28-Dec-10 19:35:36

Thank you so much, that's really helpful and gives me hope!

My cycles were pretty average before the pill, usually ov'd on day 13 or 14. But I also did have two really long cycles just after I stopped b'feeding my DS so maybe this is the same thing again (and I see that it happened to you too it seems, 2 long cycles then it settles back down to normal).

Thanks again, will keep checking for CM and see what happens!

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