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1st month TTC, now extremely painful AF - help!

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ovumahead Mon 27-Dec-10 21:34:08

Hi all,

I've been TTC child number 2 this month, but AF arrive yesterday. Problem is, this is the most painful period I've had in years and years.

I had stabbing, dragging pains and a general sense that something was not quite right in the area around what I think is my left ovary. This started not long after ovulation. I thought perhaps it was an early pregnancy symptom, or something.

However, I never had a BFP, and got my period on time. I was bloated and uncomfortable for the week/10 days leading up to my period. The day before it started, every time I laughed, it hurt, a sharp stabbing pain... (on xmas day - thanks body!)

Now I have my period, it feels like it should be really heavy as I'm in a lot of pain, but it's actually a bit lighter than usual. I have passed a few biggish clots though, but this often happens (I often have very heavy periods).

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis in my mid twenties (6 years ago), had a laperoscopy and managed to conceive DS1 very easily over 3 years ago. Since having him, I've had good periods which have gradually got heavier and heavier, but not painful. So I am surprised by this period, and wondering if it has any connection to this being the first month we've TTC.

I'm suspecting endometriosis, but because even when my endo pains were extremely bad before, they were not like this, so I am concerned it could be something else, like a cyst or an ectopic pregnancy.

Can any one help shed any light on this??? I'm waiting for a call back from the out of hours doctor service but they are very busy. I feel worried sad

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