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Period due last week...still no period

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bessyboop Wed 22-Dec-10 13:18:58

Hi there - done 4 pregnancy tests, all negative. My periods are regular, although I have a 4 month year old DD, and have only had two periods since August. We have been TTC #3 ...

Is it at all possible that I am actually pregnant, but it hasn't shown up on the preg test? Or do you think my period may be haywire since giving birth? I have no period pains.

I presume it's a waiting game ... but has anyone got any experience of this? Very late period, and negatives on all the tests?

I really want to find out before Xmas - if I'm not pregnant, I'm going to have a good old knees up with plenty of alcohol (well, two glasses of wine probably, because of night duty with DD2 grin)


KatyCustard Wed 22-Dec-10 15:28:54

You sound like me! I thought my period was due on the 12th and nothing. Have also had 4 BFNs and one suspicious positive which I am now discounting as the BFNs came afterwards!

I too would like clear confirmation for Christmas, because I've got a fridge full of soft cheeses I want to scoff!

If your baby is only 4 months could it be your cycle hasn't settled down? Sorry, that's no help at all I know, although I read on the other thread I'm posting on that Sainsbury's and Asda's own tests can detect as little as 10 mlu of HGc or whatever it is. So maybe you could try one of those?

bessyboop Wed 22-Dec-10 15:36:11

Hi Katy, thanks for the reply. I'll try Sainsbury's or Asda's own brand then... cross fingers!

It's so frustrating, I just want to know.

Hope you'll have a positive test soon... if not, enjoy the soft cheese smile

bessyboop Wed 22-Dec-10 16:35:26

Ah well, gutted. Roll on a couple of hours since starting this thread ... and I've come on. Really strange though because I usually have bad period pains. Will have to TTC in the new year now!
Pass me the wine ...

bessyboop Thu 23-Dec-10 18:03:54

Update ... if anybody's got advice I would be really greatful.

I passed a little bit of blood yesterday afternoon, but nothing since. I've got bad tummy cramps and I feel sick.

Really odd that I'm this late, test still negative ... anybody had experience of this - very late period/cramps/negative test?


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