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Cyclogest and constipation - not for the easity offended!

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vallinnapod Tue 21-Dec-10 14:44:06

OK, way TMI heading your way but my shame levels have all but vanished since starting IVF at any rate grin

Had my EC on 13th Dec and ET on 16th so on the 2WW. As of the evening of 13th I have had the joys of Cyclogest suppositories twice a day and oh, my God, I have the worse constipation known to man (well, me!) short of a teeny tiny poo today (just looked like a build up of the suppositories, told you - TMI!) and a slightly larger one on Sunday I have had nothing. I am eating a high protein, low GI diet. Lots of fruit (esp prunes!) and veg. I am taking Fybrogel twice a day and Syrup of Fig before bed. Plus drinking peppermint tea and taking Colpermin

With the exception of the first few days where I was very sore (from the procedure mainly I assume) and Sunday - where I was a split second away from calling an ambulance as my trapped wind was so bad I thought it was ovarian torsion blush - it isn't painful, just damn, damn uncomfy - and unsightly in that my stomach is very bloated.

Oh passing wind, that smells like a small rodent crawled up there and died....blush

Any advice?? Please....!

<<goes off in search for lost dignity, shocked at the depths to which I have sunk>>

winterwombatland Wed 22-Dec-10 04:38:50

Dignity schmignitty vallinnapod - that's what MN is for!

While I can't comment directly on cyclogest, I do have constipation issues, particularly when I have been PG (twice, but both time MC). Some advice I have been given that does seem to have helped is to keep drinking loads and loads and loads of water, even though you'll be peeing all the time. High fibre diets etc are great but as the doc explained it to me - it can be like mixing concrete - if you don't mix in enough water with all that fibre, everything sets. Nice!

My accidental discoveries have been making sure I drink more water very first thing in the morning - cup of tea and a big glass of water - and I was recommended to take acidophillus lactobacillus to prevent the usual thrush I get when I take antibiotics. Lo and behold, I didn't get thrush the last time I had to take antib's (couple of weeks ago) and as an added benefit I've also found I've been much more regular since. It's much more effective that the actimel yogurts etc as there really is a minimal amount found in those. You'll find it in the fridges in health food shops. As I'm rubbish at taking pills, they do a chewable version for kids which I love the taste of too! I've not read the back of the label to see if it's ok to take while PG as I've not (yet) been PG while taking them.

Final thing, cycolgest can be done as a pessary rather than a suppository but perhaps you've been advised against that.

Well, hope this helps and fingers very tightly crossed for your 2WW.

vallinnapod Wed 22-Dec-10 09:48:07

Thanks! I am switching doors and hoping for an emergency exit grin

vallinnapod Wed 22-Dec-10 10:54:31

I feel I must share...! Used the front door today and voila...service restored!

As I have given up on dignity I can say I am a little worried as there was clearly Cyclogest in the bowl but this just under two hours after popping it up there!

winterwombatland Wed 22-Dec-10 12:52:29

Fantastic news Vallinna! I may be on cyclogest if I get PG again so good to know that the front door is def an option!

May this festive period be full of regular movements and BFPs!

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