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sick of waiting for a positive pregnancy test

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carlossss Mon 20-Dec-10 13:03:59

Message withdrawn

owlbooty Mon 20-Dec-10 15:05:07

carlossss; I'm pretty sure the clearblue monitor doesn't work if your cycles are that long so your partner may well be right. You might be best off trying not to worry too much about trying to conceive until you've had a chance to talk to the gynae in Jan. Good luck

carlossss Mon 20-Dec-10 15:07:45

Message withdrawn

seabas Thu 30-Dec-10 09:10:05

Hi Carlossss. I'm nearly 35 so I know what your saying about time not being on your side! ) My partner and I have been trying for a year and my cycles are irregular, anywhere between 37 up to 68 days. Normal period though lasting for 5 days. Found out that I don't release an egg regularly so will have to start clomid soon with the guidance of our fertility clinic. I used ovulation kits and in the end gave up because it's so hard to know when I was ovulating (if at all) and it was costing a fortune! So now I just rely on what my body tells me (CM). The most important thing I do is have a calendar and write everything, I mean everything on it which has been helpful. Keep pushing for all the tests as it's a relief to get answers and know what on earth your body is doing! P And most importantly, keep positive!

carlossss Thu 30-Dec-10 11:58:23

Message withdrawn

carlossss Thu 30-Dec-10 11:59:58

Message withdrawn

seabas Fri 31-Dec-10 04:32:32

Oh wow! You sure have been through a lot Carlossss! We only concieved once but it didn't last more than a few days. I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the blood tests at the fertility clinic. At the moment I'm in the two week wait as my body is giving me signs that I might have actually released an egg so we'll see. If not, clomid it is! I live in Australia so we have to pay for Clomid but it's not expensive here as its subsidied by the Government. The expensive part is for the help of the ladies at the fertility clinic doing all the monitoring.

It is good to chat about it. It gets so damn frustrating. I'm finding it hard because nearly every week I hear people are pregnant and think "no fair! when is it my turn?". But I know my turn will come.

Don't be too hard on yourself re the terminations. At the time it was the right decision to make by the sounds and you did what was best for you and your child. But now your ready so I wish you all the best!

worththewait Wed 05-Jan-11 14:03:49

hi sorry to hear your difficulties hun to seabass
its good to chat bout things but sometime people have different opinions and can get nasty on this site ahhhhh
but everyone can have opionions i dont mind that its when they talk nasty
yer i had afew terminations 2 was because of health reason with the baby and me
and one of them was because of we wernt ready and i had my son to deal with but there aint a day that goes past that i don think of it it was 2001 my first termination
and how old the baby will be now
its so hard but iknew it was right
but the others were health reasons
so icouldnt do nowt bout them
had eptopic and bad ms but im not sure of when as i like to for gt bout them as my mc was bad etc
anyways enuough of that now
im not sure if im ovulating properly either to tell you the truth imay ask my gyne on the 14th bit nervy of going actually
it will happen soon hun chin up
good things happen to people who wait
im on the 2ww at the moment
im due sat till 1 week after sat
or more lol
not good
keep intouch
hi owl booty how you ????

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