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Fertilty Worries

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foxxxyblonde Sun 19-Dec-10 19:46:40

Hi, I'm new here

As my thread title say's I am worried about my fertility. I had my mirena coil removed nearly 5 months ago so me and my OH could start trying for our first baby. I've used the mirena for 8 years before removal.

After I had it removed I spotted for three days two weeks after removal. Seven weeks later I finally had a proper period which was very heavy for me, but that is the only period I've had since. I've done a few pregnancy tests as we have been actively trying and all have been negative.

I had to have a colposcopy six weeks ago as I had minor abnormal cells. The results have come back, and all is further treatment needed.

I have done a FSH test at home which has come back normal. My OH has also done a sperm test which has also come back normal. My doctor warned me it could take up to three months for my fertility to return to normal, but it's been 5 months now and my cycle is still very irregular.

As age is not on my side now, I'm getting very worried. Should I go the doctors or should I wait? Any other advice is very much welcomed

RudolfThePinkNosedReindeer Sun 19-Dec-10 21:06:20

Hi foxxxy I'd go to the GP - no harm in it and hopefully they'll be able to put your mind at rest. No personal experience of mirena I'm afraid, but hopefully your GP will know whether 5 months to get back to normality is to be expected. Good luck!

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