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Lychees Fri 17-Dec-10 16:28:10


Everyone having treatment on MN seems to be going for IVF. I am having IUI in Jan after ttc#2 for a while and being "diagnosed" with unexplained secondary infertility.

Does anyone who is going to give IUI a try want to chat?

daisy18 Sun 19-Dec-10 17:06:46

Hi Lychees, I think we chatted on the other thread, I too am trying for second ( almost a year). just had tests done at gp and it seems husband has low sperm count! Bit of a shock as we conceived son in 1st month, I guess it explains why it has taken so long this time. i have been thinking of IUI ( haven't discussed it with any specialist yet) would rather go for IUI if its an option for us rather than IVF, not sure if they would recommend it though as his count came back quite low. I am dreading having to go down IVF route. I heard IUI is recommended for unexplained infertility and can be very successful. Do you know if they do it for male factor problems too? Did you have to have any tests prior and was there a long waiting list? sorry for questions, wishing you lots of luck.

Earlybird Sun 19-Dec-10 17:09:54

I had successful IUI after several attempts - but it has been a few years ago, so unsure if science has moved on a bit since.

Are you taking fertility drugs? Any idea what your FSH level is? That number was critical information for the consultant when I was undergoing treatment.

How old is your first child?

Good luck, btw.

Lychees Mon 20-Dec-10 17:56:08

Hi Daisy I'm not sure if they offer IUI for low sperm count. I had to have everything ruled out before it was recommended so I had the usual bloods, DH had SA then I had AMH and a HSG. I've gone private as I'm not entitled to NHS funding so there was virtually no wait [not on the clinic's side although we tried for a few more months after my HSG as it can make you more fertile for three months after].

Earlybird, I'll be having Clomid [50mg] due to slightly irregular cycles [28-39 days]. All my tests came back within the normal range except for my progesterone which was a little bit low so I am getting progesterone supplements, too once the IUI has been performed. I have a DS who is almost three. Did you also have unexplained factors? How many attempts did you have at IUI before the successful one?

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