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Ovulating on clomid

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SnowMiffles Sat 11-Dec-10 12:50:27 on my first cycle of clomid for PCOS. Have been given 50mg from day 2-6. I had the internal US on day 12 which showed 2 dominant follicles on my right ovary, measuring 20mm and 16mm. Lining of uterus was 10mm.

Anyway, today is day 17 and I'm getting strange aches and pains of my right side and I'm wondering if this is ovulation. But the consultant said to have sex on day 12 and 14 (we did 9, 12, 14, 16 to cover our bases...DH has poor swimmers, so can't do every day).

So (after all that ramble) question is....when is it normal to ovulate?! Of course I'll be having the day 21 progesterone test next week. But then I remembered that is meant to be 7 days after ov, which presumably means ov is normally day 14. So mine might not show if only ov'd today.

Sorry for the waffle. Hope that was followed, but would appreciate some advice and support.


gardenpixie Sat 11-Dec-10 13:06:53

Hi SnowMiffles I am on my fourth round of clomid - didn't ov on 50mgs but did on 100mgs (currently in the 2WW arrrrrgh!)

I take it CD3-7 and I know you're meant to ov between 2 and 7 days after that last tablet; but I have found I usually ov around CD16 rather than CD14.

Last month I was still getting pains on CD19 so went for another US to see what was going on and they said I had ov'd but that it's normal to carry on having pains for 3 or 4 days after oving (I think it's partly because the fluid from the follicle is still dispersing and the ovary stays enlarged while the corpus luteum is throwing out progesterone)

So I wouldn't worry - I'm sure it's fine and that you are feeling post ov pain.

FWIW I had my Day 21 test on Day 21 the first time I ov'd and Day 22 the second (because I ov'd late, I thought I'd move the day of the test so it was closer to 7 days after ov). The first test (which I think I did too early) still showed progesterone at 57 as I think there'll be enough in the blood to indicate ovulation regardless of whether you hit the peak or not.

Sorry, that was a bit of a ramble! Shout if none of it made any sense at all!

Hope you are feeling OK on the clomid and that it is not having any nasty side-effects. Did you have an HCG trigger shot as well?

SnowMiffles Sat 11-Dec-10 15:46:24

Thanks for your reply - its good to hear from someone else - and someone with a bit more experience too!

It all made sense and was reassuring. Interesting to hear about the post-ov pains.

Am not having a trigger you have this? Do you know when they decide when to do one or not?

In terms of side effects, I have had some night sweats and insomnia. At least, I think it's down to the clomid. The second week (like day 7-14ish) kept waking up SO hot and then lying awake for ages. So unlike me and it was my DH who suggested it was the clomid. And they're known side effects.

What about you? Are you having US and bloods every cycle? What do you think of my follicles and lining....sound positive?! smile

gardenpixie Sun 12-Dec-10 08:30:12

Hi Snow yes those do sound like clomid side effects! And it makes sense to have it in the second week of your cycle as, from what I understand, a day or two after you stop taking clomid, your hormones sky rocket.

I have had a few - like night sweats (lovely aren't they?) - and this month my vision went a bit blurry for a few mins a couple of times (a bit like being too tipsy ... not that I'd know what that was like blush ) but I think I have been quite lucky really as I know some women have a really hard time on it.

I am having USs each cycle to make sure there's an egg there and to check my ovaries aren't enlarged; but I only had a blood test twice as the consultant said if it's worked twice and as long as there's a follicle there, it should be fine.

In terms of the trigger shot, I think policies vary - some clinics / Drs only give it to you if you develop a follicle which doesn't pop; but mine just hands it out as standard. I'm seeing my consultant privately (the NHS refused to believe I had a problem, despite TTCing for 3yrs, as I am not overweight or suffering hirstuism) so she tends to quite free and easy with anything that could help.

Your follicles sound very promising indeed and it's great that you've had that result on 50mgs. And the uterine lining sounds perfectly primed for a little Miffles to bed in for nine months! FWIW my consultant said anything over 9mm is good for the lining; and a follicle of 20mm means you've got a fully developed egg in there.

How are the ov pains today? Hope they're going


SnowMiffles Sun 12-Dec-10 23:15:06

grin Thank you. That certainly made me smile! We will wait to see how it all goes.

Good luck with yours as well. Doesn't the 2ww go slowly!

gardenpixie Mon 13-Dec-10 09:56:08

Oh soooooo slowly! Trying to keep myself busy but failing miserably!

Fingers crossed for both of us grin

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