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Has my cycle length changed?

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escapeartist Mon 06-Dec-10 18:03:45

Hi all!
Have been on here for a couple of weeks and have been ttc for a year (on and off, as DH has been working away for months at a time). I had a Mirena coil before, it was taken out last December. My cycles have been steady on 29, 30 max 31 since then. However in the last 2 months one was 35 and then next 36...
I am currently due AF (CD 32 and 13 dpo) and wondering... is it possible for my cycle to have lengthened from 29 to 35 days?? I did speak to my work doctor, who happens to be a gynae and he said that cycles don't change after puberty until one hits menopause, then asked me when my mother went through hers??? That freaked me out slightly, though I am only 29 and he said it is not likely (eventually... when he realised I was stressing!)

Have anyone had such changes in their cycles? Does it indicate something? Should I go and see my gynae (and not the work one, who probably also thinks that all women have 28 days cycles?)

larus Mon 06-Dec-10 18:15:24

Hi escape. My cycle length has changed a lot in the last year as well, or at least for as long as I have been checking it. I used to be a regular 28 days, but it is all over the place now. Am yet to go to see my GP though, as really not sure I want to hear any more bad news on the TTC front.

When I noticed my cycle getting longer, at around the time we started TTC, I did wonder if I was having very early MC/chemical pregnancies though - these are sadly quite common. I know from experience that I am unlikely to get a BFP for a couple of weeks after AF due, so difficult for me to know really. Is it possible that is what is going on? Twenty nine does sound very young for menopause - if not, there is no hope for me at 35!

escapeartist Tue 07-Dec-10 16:11:03

Thanks larus chemical pg had occurred to me too, yet last month it really couldn't have been (as DH had been away that month, so it would have been an immaculate... erm chemical pregnancy)

Anyone else's cycle, previously regular lengthened? As far as I can see it is my luteal phase which has gone from 12 to 14 or 15 days... I guess that is good?? Any similar experience much welcome!

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