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Aaaarrrggh! I hate the 2ww!

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essenceofSES Sat 04-Dec-10 21:19:12

I think I ovulated on CD19. Due to DH work commitments we only managed SWI once but that was on CD19. I know a BFP is still possible but we did only do it once.

It's too early to test but I have all my hopes of a BFP running through my head and symptom spotting. My body has been cruel in the past though and got my hopes up only for AF to appear.

However, this evening I am feeling quite nauseous and have had feelings like ligament pulling in my abdomen. Also slightly tender boobs.

I'm 8dpo and just want the next week to be over so I know!!!

<and breathe>
Feel better for getting that out!

raspberrytipple Sat 04-Dec-10 21:27:03

Been there, doing that. Mad isn't it - yet every month I say I'm not going to do it, I'm just going to chill out and not think about it but every month, a week after I've ov'd I'm poking my boobs and rating my nausea levels. Nevermind, I doubt I'll ever change so may as well get used to it

essenceofSES Sat 04-Dec-10 21:34:20

raspberrytipple - Good to hear I'm not the only one! I just get so frustrated with myself. Wish there was a switch I could flick to turn off all my ?BFP thoughts!
How far through your current cycle are you?

JRsandCoffee Mon 06-Dec-10 17:05:39

I'm with you, just entering the 2ww! I'm particularly kicking myself as my temperature is now up (CD19) and was still down on Friday (CD16) somewhere in between I've ovulated and the DH has been around and was also on Weds night (CD14) so, unusually as he's away so much with work, have managed to be do the deed three times over fertile period, hurrah! Except........that I didn't take the Clomid in the drawer as I didn't think we'd be together, rats, rats and double rats - this means that next month, if the timing is as I think, we'll struggle to be together so taking the clomid........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. This is attempt number 15, timing has been pretty lousy throughout, I think this is only one of a handful of times the timing has been good so, you never know! Can I come back and obsess over the next two weeks? Pretty please?

RugbyWidow7 Mon 06-Dec-10 20:24:53

Hello fellow obsessors smile. I too am doing my own nut in. The snow hasn't helped as I've been stranded and glued to the laptop.

Now on CD22 and have lots of symptoms - just don't know if they really are symptoms or my imagination.

Sore / heavy boobs
Acid reflux
Occasional headaches
And a very funny taste that comes and goes (though this could be a partial cold as have gritty, red eyes too)

Who knows!
The fertility app on my Iphone is taking a hammering.
Please do come back and obsess - I will too, guaranteed!

JRsandCoffee Mon 06-Dec-10 22:45:00

The funny taste thing sounds interesting! Have not symptoms here, other than a slight headache which may be related to the cold! Obsess away smile

essenceofSES Mon 06-Dec-10 23:13:45

Hello ladies! Great to have some other company on the 2 week obsession wait grin

RugbyWidow7 - those symptoms do sound pretty good. IKWYM though about whether they really are symptoms or just imagination. I must go and look at the fertility iPhone app! Does the one you have go by a particular name?!

JTsandCoffee - I get so frustrated by the whole timing thing! It seems that I can never co-ordinate my diary and DH's diary together with my fertile time ideally.

As for me, my nausea of Saturday afternoon developed into food poisoning in the early hours of Sunday morning. I think the pub lunch I'd had on Saturday lunch time couldn't have been heated through properly As a result, my hopes of a BFP plummeted

Then the usual rollercoaster as my temp was up significantly this morning which has got my hopes up but I don't really have any other symptoms and the temp rise could be from where I had a fever with the food poisoning! We'll see what it does in the morning I guess!

I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for further obsessing

CrazyAlien Tue 07-Dec-10 07:54:54

hey everyone, can I join? Currently on CD17 so on my way to 2ww. No symptoms so far but only had my peaks on CBFM yday and day before lol.
First time that I have had peaks at all on it (only 2nd cycle) so we ll see if it works !

good luck for the BFP's everyone!

essenceofSES Tue 07-Dec-10 09:09:13

Hello CrazyAlien - the more the merrier when it comes to obsessing!!

CD30 for me so nearing the end of the 2ww and my temp was back down this morning to 36.61 from yesterday's 36.91. I'm not hopeful of my BFP this month

How's everyone else this morning? Still really cold and icy here. I'm stuck in traffic at the moment on my way to work!

TerrysNo2 Tue 07-Dec-10 09:52:13

I hate it too!!! 10dpo today and AF due on Friday. Come on time - move your ass!!! smile

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:10:36

Funny Terry - feel exactly the same!

I'm feeling a bit coldy today - damn it! Could that explain some of this week's symptoms?!

Essence - the Iphone app I have is just called IP Free. It's the free version, but I've found it really useful. I hope you find it!

On the diary coordination front - I have a similar situation. DH started new job in London last week. We couldn't move into new house so are living separately until late Dec. This meant we were apart over the key time, but we SWI right up to it, in the hope that the little guys would survive for a couple of days...fingers crossed.

CD 23 today.
Is everyone planning to wait until af shows up rather than testing? I'm a bit concerned as I have a couple of big Xmas nights out planned with the girls in London before af so wondering if I show test beforehand so I know...

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:11:57

ooh and welcome to this fab new thread crazyalien

strumpet82 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:22:35

TerrysNo2 i'm exactly the same, waiting for Friday to come.

I'm obsessing about every feeling in my body.

I hate it because I know they say stress can
delay your period. Now i'm feeling twinges in my back and wondering if AF is going to rear its ugly head :-(

Bring on Friday!

strumpet82 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:23:52

How long does sperm survive???

Intruiged after rugby said about them surviving for a couple of days...

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:36:12

well I'm no expert but I've read up to 6 days - think deffo 2 depending on the conditions...i.e. the existance of EWCM...

Fingers crossed for Friday for you guys

strumpet82 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:37:25

Thank you smile

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 19:35:43

arrgh this goes on forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How's everyone else feeling?

JRsandCoffee Tue 07-Dec-10 19:45:55

Fairly zen/ fatalistic - this is time 15 on the 2ww and I think tend to not start wondering until the day I think I'm due, which is (I think) about 12 days away....only 11 come the morning wink

Can never make up my mind about drinking in the 2ww - seem to be very different opinions - anyone?

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 19:55:09

I'm on my first cycle, and I've been looking into this a lot and it's really confusing. There seem to be so many conflicting opinions on MN and online generally.

Does it actually make it harder to conceive? Or is it in case you already have conceived as it harms the baby?

I've have really eased up on the booze, but have to admit to some at the weekend. The Xmas season is a really tough one though!

I'm finding it tricky to avoid the boozefun, when there really isn't a reason I know of yet...

JRsandCoffee Tue 07-Dec-10 19:59:58

My consultant told me to drink away.....the one time that I've seen him anyway!!

I tend to go easy and stop at a couple of glasses, even on big nights and if out to lunch generally don't drink claiming it sends me to sleep!!

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 20:04:11

That's really interesting JR. Do you have any wippersnappers or are you TTC #1? I hope you don't mind me asking.

JRsandCoffee Tue 07-Dec-10 20:47:58

Number 1, and I'm a positively geriatric 36, and a half.....

RugbyWidow7 Tue 07-Dec-10 21:21:04

Certainly not!

I like your consultant. smile

JRsandCoffee Tue 07-Dec-10 22:09:25

He's more of a distant memory than I'd like!!! We're due to see him again in April, at which point my DH leaves for 4 months.....although maybe if there is something that needs doing with me that's not time lost, or something, clutches at vaguely positive straws.......pass the mulled wine!

raspberrytipple Tue 07-Dec-10 22:19:05

Well, I'm technically half way through my 2ww and am bored of it now!!! Not really symptom spotting this month although I decided to tempt fate and ordered a mass batch of booze ready for Christmas in order to make sure I am pregnant and therefore not be able to touch a drop and it has just arrived in a Sainsburys delivery, roll call is as follows:. 6 bottles of bulmers, 1 ltr gin, 3 bottles of red and 2x 8 pks of bud. Not that I'm an alchie or anything but if fate is to be tempted it must be done big stylee!!

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