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Implantation bleeding or ovulating bleeding???

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LissieLoos Thu 02-Dec-10 11:41:36

Hi there, Bit new to this so please bare with me... I am a bit confused and could do with a bit of help! I had my usual period on the 13th November, I usually last only 5 days, but a day later I bled again (not even half a day), 12 days later after period this morning I went to the toilet and there was a hint of blood on the tissue and in my knickers, I put a towel on and nothing no blood now. I came off my pill 4 months ago, my periods have been regular the last 3 months, cycles have lasted 32-33days. My partner and I have been trying for a baby, but I'm more worried about my body and these two odd bleeds. I was wondering whether it was ovulation bleeding but then I have also read up on implanation bleeding, its all a bit confusing! Any advice would be great.
Thank you

MamaChristmas Thu 02-Dec-10 12:31:25

Hi Lissie,

Do you know what day in your cycle you ovulate on? if you do, implantation bleeds normally occur (if at all) around 7-10days post ov.

without knowing your ov day is hard to say one way or the other!

LissieLoos Thu 02-Dec-10 12:51:04

Hi there,

Thank you for responding, I just done an ovulation test online which "says" that I ovulate today. So I'm kind of guessing that it could just be ovulation bleeding and not implantation bleeding as it would be too early. I do wonder though whether it is just my body getting back to normal as I came off the pill 4 months ago and they say that it stays in your system for a while after??

Thank you x

MamaChristmas Thu 02-Dec-10 13:11:20

Hi Lissie,

I would think you are right it's the settling time from coming off the pill. Just a note about the online tests; they only work on based the avg womans cycle, I for example ov on day 17 of my cycle!! If you want to be sure and pinpoint ov you'll need to do some monitoring. Good luck x

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