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What to do when DH is only home for 3 weeks out of 12?! How to boost chance of concieving in that time?!

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catmad2010 Thu 02-Dec-10 07:55:53

Hi all

I have been on some of the threads for a while now but I now have a sudden new dilemna facing me during TTC....DH announced that he may be taking a job (we're skint so has to take it) abroad, working 9 weeks away with 3 weeks at what do we do about trying to ensure ov during that 3 week time? Is clomid an answer? But you can only take that for 6 months (?) so that wouldn't work for many times of him being home?

Bit fed up at this little hurdle when been TTC 4 months already with no success angry sad Would be grateful for any lights at the end of the tunnel that kind people could wave at me.


catmad2010 Thu 02-Dec-10 07:58:57

Forgot to add I will be going to a dr about this for advice but there are no appointments for a little bit and I'm snowed in!

DilysPrice Thu 02-Dec-10 08:02:50

To state the bleeding obvious, shag like bunnies as much as possible when he's home (should come naturally). Do not "save it up" for the best days.
Dunno whether a home freezer is cold enough to try DIY AID, but could be fun trying (in a home science experiment sort of way).

catmad2010 Thu 02-Dec-10 08:18:11

Thanks Dilys - don't worry, that was already the plan! grin just concerned that he's home when I have my period as obviously that takes away at least another 7 days leaving not that many really. I'm sure I'd heard someone did take something to help them when they were home as they were an air hostess of something. We're very used to him being away all the time but never during TTC so I know we'll jump on each other when he's back...just want a little help with the swimmers meeting eggs that's all I did suggest he leave swimmers in a cup for me haha!

wrighty2010 Fri 03-Dec-10 13:47:36

Hi, just thinking, have you considered taking vitamins to boost your fertility? I took zita west vitafem when i was trying to conceive, may be worth a try? Have a look at site called Pride Angel, they have hints on fertility and you can get fertility kits from them. They also have AI kits. Hope you get on ok, enjoy trying!!! Let us know how you get on. Good luck x

nannyl Fri 03-Dec-10 19:50:49

what about getting some preseed

if you use it on his last days at home it might just keep those sperm alive a little bot longer

fannybaws Fri 03-Dec-10 20:19:32

Where is he going to be working? Could you take the eggs to him occasionally??

escapeartist Sat 04-Dec-10 17:53:29

We have a similar arrangement with my DH. He is away for 9 weeks at a time and we only get 10 days in between them. Spoke to my gynae and she said I might be able to "control" my cycles if I went on the pill in-between and then stop before he comes home but of course that might upset my hormones, so not guaranteed... (I have had two pregnancies before while on the Pill, before I met DH, so I wonder if it makes me super fertile?? but think it's probably not possible)

He is home until first week of Jan at the moment, so def taking advantage!!! (Though he got home 2 days after positive opk, so quite annoyed... expecting AF right now) Also using preseed (and crossing fingers and legs after sex!)

Good luck catmad!

catmad2010 Sat 04-Dec-10 21:47:30

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the helpful messages Have had my AF the last few days so got in a TTC grump so haven't checked MN since I last posted!

Wrighty - no, I haven't tried vitamins, other than folic acid tablets which aren't vitamins as such if you know what I mean. Thanks for the website suggestion and advice - will let you know how I get on!

Thanks nannyl...what's preseed though? Have seen it mentioned it on other threads but wasn't quite sure what it was....I can sense a google coming on!

fannybaws - we're not sure, maybe America but not sure yet. Also his career means that from Spring next year he'll be away working, probably just about 5 hours drive away but obviously still far enough away. Also, I work shifts and he works shifts when he's away so it's not easy to co-ordinate. Bah

catmad2010 Sat 04-Dec-10 21:51:08

(sorry by the way my computer is faulty so can't do bold type, makes it hard for you to see your name in my reply!)

Escapartist - that makes me feel better knowing there are others in my situation, though obviously it would be much better if none of us were! You know, I did think about going on the pill while he was away and coming off when he was home, as I'd heard about the fertility increase - my first month off I could have drowned in EWCM (sorry TMI!) but not seen a drop since so think maybe I ovulated more then than since. I'll mention that to my Dr when I finally get an appointment!

Thanks again everyone! Will let you know how I get on!

fannybaws Sun 05-Dec-10 21:54:51

Catmad, forgot to say don't just focus on the supposed most fertile times, my second Ds was concieved on day 8 of a cycle so anything is possible.

catmad2010 Tue 07-Dec-10 09:40:03

Thanks fannybaws Just found out he's off on Friday for at least 6 weeks So we have 4 days to make a baby! My AF finished the day before yesterday so am hopeful at our chances this early in the cycle but you never know.....

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