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Which of these are pg symptoms? Driving me mad

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Darnthetum Wed 01-Dec-10 08:15:36

I know most are, but how likely am I to get them all at once? TALK MW DOWN!!!

Aching in ovary and just above pelvis, also bloating in same area.


Can smell after-shave/coffee from 1001 paces and it is making me gag (I loooooooove coffee normally). I can normally smell strong after shave but am smelling it everywhere.

A lot of clear discharge, enough for me to think I have AF.

I have no sore nips, but i usually do around that time of the month, and remember the relief at it stopping when pg with dd.

Crying thinking of Gil from the Simpsons, from someone who doesn't cry at much!

Two days of solely brown AF. It wasn't blood, more of a "shedding" type of stuff.

V bad tum.

Have have 2 BFN's, but no AF. But am on the pill so wouldn't expect an AF for another 2 weeks, as I missed one at the end of the last pack, so started the next pack immediately (hitting head with palm!)

strumpet82 Wed 01-Dec-10 12:19:19

Hi Darnthetum,

I'm not sure if they are pg symtoms, i'm in the same boat as you.

TTC#1 and keep feeling not right and wondering if it is a sign, or if i'm infact going hyper crazy waiting to know if pg or not!?

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