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False hope?

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natz23 Tue 30-Nov-10 18:45:56

Ok so here's the thing. me and my dd had decided its the right time to try for another baby. i've been on the pill about 6 months. so this month i was taking my last pack a bit more casually. sensible thing would have been to just stop i know. but i had heard so many times about people skipping pills and falling pregnant so i just left it at that. i did however leave four pills left after just forgettin in the end. anyway its been 7 days and i have had no bleed. i just had some light spottin for the day Round about the time i expected my period. that was followed by some cramping. now i've had a tiny bit of brownish spotting. yuk sorry.! my boobs are tender. my tummy feels swollen and bloated. im tired and have that 'Pregnant' Feeling. however i have taken test today and it was negative. am i just getting my hopes up or has anyone experienced the same kind of thing and been pregnant. maybe in testing to early? sorry for such a long post. anyone who has had anything similar your imput would be appreciated x

kat2504 Tue 30-Nov-10 19:05:51

Unfortunately the symptoms of PMS and early pregnancy are very similar aren't they? Is it possible that after being on the pill you have sort of forgotten what the few days before a period are really like? I always found that if I came off the pill, the first cycle was always a bit of a nightmare. Sorry to hear that your test came out negative. If you are pregnant after all it ought to be positive in a week's time I'd say. If this isn't your month then best wishes for ttc next month

natz23 Tue 30-Nov-10 19:19:13

Thanks kat. your right there. i suppose you do forget.!when i got the cramp i was like. oh my god im dying.! i just keep thinking or rather hoping that if it was pms my period would have came by now and i could stop frantically searchin the net for answers lol. my breasts feel very heavy and bit sore and the other symptoms do match those i had with my first child. if your on the pill and don't get a bleed can that indicate pregnancy even though its not technically a real period? ill try testin again in a week and keep my fingers crossed. x x

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