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Pregnancy symptoms, should I come off the pill?

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Alwaysintrouble Tue 30-Nov-10 16:02:07

Missed a few pills last pack, but am in a different country to dp so didn't think it was a prob. He had a surprise trip over a few weeks ago, and I totally forgot about missing some until it was too late. Am not too worried as we are both desperately broody, so it wouldn't be a disaster.

Anyway, fast forward to this week and I feel as rough as anything. I'm exhausted, have a horrid nagging pain where my right ovary would be and it is all swollen. Terrible heartburn, constant "reflux-y" kind of thing and can't bear the smell of coffee or after shave. Am struggling to eat and the teacher at school today asked if I was feeling ok as I looked terrible! I have taken two tests over two days and both negative, but not sure of reliability as they are foreign tests. Should I come off the pill and see if AF arrives? I'm seeing DP this weekend so want to know one way or another, but also want to not have to faff around with condoms. Grrr!

kat2504 Tue 30-Nov-10 17:32:13

No, you should make sure you are not pregnant before you come off the pill. Unles s you want to be pregnant that is. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy then stopping the pill won't help and you'll have to faff around with condoms and wait for your period to restart pills etc. If you are pregnant, the medical advice is that the pill won't do any harm. I've heard this from a doctor when I conceived on the pill (admittedly I did forget one at a crucial time though)

You say you are both broody so I would suggest either deciding to TTC and coming off the pill, or if that isn't possible just yet, switching to a more reliable method that you can't forget (implant, coil, etc)

If you still get negative results and are worried about your pains, go and see a doctor to get a blood test for pregnancy.

I'm a bit worried by your "teacher at school" comment. Are you still at school? In which case I very much doubt that TTC is in your best interests long term. Sorry if I've got that completely wrong.

Alwaysintrouble Tue 30-Nov-10 17:39:00

Ha ha, no, I have a 7 year old dd, don't worry!! grin

kat2504 Tue 30-Nov-10 17:40:53

Ha ha sorry guess you must work in a school or were picking up your daughter! There was me thinking you were 16!!

Well, best of luck, hope you get the outcome you want!

Alwaysintrouble Tue 30-Nov-10 17:41:14

Thanks for the advice re the pill. It is more niggly than painful, but it makes it hard to bend over and build train tracks. Will all probably be a bit of trapped gas or something, but have had it for a few days now, so it keeps making me think "what if ...." grin

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