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Vitamin B6

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BorgLady Tue 30-Nov-10 15:38:58

TTC #2, just starting cycle 5. This is all new to me, as DS was an accident and I assumed it would all happen easily again.

I'm still breastfeeding a little (DS is 2.5yrs) but my periods came back when he was sixteen months and as far as I know everything in that department is working ok.

Had a BFP last month, but then AF arrived three days later.

Anyway, onto the point. I've been recommended to take Vitamin B6 to help with migraines and have since been reading at how they can help with conception and morning sickness, which I had really badly in first pregnancy.

Everything I've read says I should be taking 50mg a day, though the tablets I got from Boots are only 10mg and they say "do not exceed the stated dose".

Should I chance it and take 50mg? Could it hurt me or my bf ds?

Thanks for any advice!

BorgLady Mon 06-Dec-10 09:48:29

Hey, just bumping because I'm hoping someone will know

harassedinhertinselpants Mon 06-Dec-10 11:31:08

I've just got my bfp, and am crediting my vitamin B6!!

I don't know about the otc vitamins though as I saw a kinesiologist. I was taking quite a hefty dose though as I was very deficient. My kinesiologist takes one drop a day, and I was taking 50 drops for one month, and then 400. I need to go back in now, but holding off until after Christmas I think. My vitamins are a liquid, hence the reference to drops!

AnnamariaHun Wed 08-Dec-10 14:42:26

hi BorgLady i started taking b6 2 month ago to help my luteal phase lenght as it was too short (apparently issue for conceiving) and also to help my PMS. i got mine from Holland and Barret and they are 50mg

so Holland and Barret it is
Good Luck

Folicacid Thu 09-Dec-10 18:51:16

I just washed down my first 50mg Vit B6 tablets. With beer. And I took 4.

I hope they work. It says 50mg is about 3000% RDA.

neverlookback Fri 10-Dec-10 21:53:34

ive been taking vit 6 complex for a few months to help pmt and migraines but now on cycle 2 of ttc so glad to hear it can help with that but ive just looked at my morrisons ones and it only has 2.0mg B6 which is says is 100% rda so off to holland and barrett i go!!

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