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Desperately broody, need sparing from the madness

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Alwaysintrouble Mon 29-Nov-10 19:40:53

It is getting RIDICULOUS!!!! Dd is nearly 7. Dp and I are getting married in September. I have finals to get through in June 2012, followed by professional exams. Dp finishing his PhD Dec 2013. Possibly we can start ttc then, but I am so DESPERATELY BROODY NOW! I have been broody since having dd, to the point where I stopped being able to hold other people's babies etc once she was about 2. Loads of our friends have recently got pregnant or had babies, and I am so happy for them, but feel this inner poisonous jealousy and I feel so ashamed. I don't know what to do, it makes me feel weepy at times. I constantly symptom spot, praying that the pill has failed. I really don't know how to straighten my head out again, it just seems to get worse and worse, especially as I had a period of about 18 months where I was very broody, but not painfully so. Now it has ramped up to a level I totally can't deal with! blush. If anyone has worked out who I am in rl please don't out me! Poor dp doesn't want to hear me constantly harping on about wanting babies, but it is all I can think about.

StrawberrySam Mon 29-Nov-10 19:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alwaysintrouble Mon 29-Nov-10 19:51:49

Thanks Strawb. It feels so much better to know I am not a vile evil cowbag for being jealous. I also totally understand about the cutting contact blush. Not one of this year's bout of pg's were planned, and yet I never get any accidents!!!! Grrr!!!

I feel so bad because they are lovely friends, and are all first time mums so keep asking for advice. One has had a TOUGH pg, nearly lost the baby twice, I am so relieved that it is healthy and well as she has been ttc for years, and yet I am jealous!!! How can I be jealous of the poor lady, she has been through hell! But at the same time I want to run over and see them grin

AstroZola Mon 29-Nov-10 20:56:31

I'm in a similar position of desperately wanting to be pregnant now but i have final exams in June & July and need to pass those so we're planning on TTC next September...i want it now but i know it's not the right time...argh! I hope you feel better soon...and try not to cut anyone out just because they're may need these people in the future...enjoy the babies around you until it's time to make your own...and maybe try your hardest to focus on your training etc to take your mind of babies...if you start thinking about babies maybe make a brew and do some homework/notes to take your mind off it...good luck...

Alwaysintrouble Mon 29-Nov-10 21:13:48

So true Zola, you are the font of wisdom!!! I'm meant to be flying home this weekend after 5 months away, so have managed to focus on weather reports instead this evening (well, for half an hour anyway!) grin. Now, off to do some proper reading!!!

Strawberry-it gets a bit easier once they get to two or three and need all your energy and patience, and you really really really don't want to go through it again. But then they get to school and the nest feels slightly emptier wink.

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