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So when do you think I ovulated?!

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essenceofSES Sun 28-Nov-10 21:47:11

I'm ttc DC2 and feeling ultra broody - surrounded by pregnancies and babies. Being paranoid about when I ovulated compared to GOF. What do you think?....

CD4-14, temp below 36.40 and lows on CBFM
CD 15, temp 36.50, EWCM and High on CBFM
CD 16, temp 36.26, EWCM and High on CBFM
CD 17, temp 36.02, EWCM and High on CBFM
CD 18, temp 36.23, EWCM, sore boobs, +OPK and peak on CBFM
CD 19, temp 36.30, EWCM, sore boobs, -OPK and peak on CBFM
CD 20, temp 36.49, EWCM, sore boobs, -OPK and high on CBFM
CD 21, temp 36.69, sore boobs and low on CBFM

nannyl Sun 28-Nov-10 22:05:17

id say you went above coverline on CD 21

you ovulated AFTER +OPK, so either day 19 or 20

this month i ovulated 2 days after my +ve OPK and my temp rose 3 days after +ve OPK

(have you charted your temps? its easier to see when they rise significantly when i graphical form)

essenceofSES Sun 28-Nov-10 22:07:05

I have charted and what you say makes sense. Only managed one GOF due to DH working and that was the evening of CD 19. Fingers crossed!!!

escapeartist Mon 29-Nov-10 08:35:51

Quick question: How do you know you ov'ed 2 days after +ive opk? EWCM? Or do you get pain?

I got +opk on Wednesday night, but as DH was away did not BDed until Friday - any chance? I am obsessing nonetheless wink

essenceofSES Mon 29-Nov-10 20:01:58

escapeartist - I don't know! You are definitely in with a chance.
I know the temperature rise means ovulation has happened and +OPK means ovulation is about to happen.

Fingers crossed we both timed it right this month!

escapeartist Tue 30-Nov-10 14:52:04

Sorry essence the question about how did you know you ovukated after opk was for nannyl

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am not holding my breath, essence but DH has been away for 3 months (although we had started ttc before and had to put it on hold, obviously) and I am now desperate to get a BFP before the February (complicated reasons to do with academic years and mat leave etc etc) but was so bummed to see that I oved two days before I could BD
Thinking of charting but life is so chaotic at the moment that I am not sure I will be able to do it properly...

Let's hope. 2ww for us then. Fingers crossed.

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