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Fertility treatment discussed on Jeremy Kyle now

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BagofHolly Wed 24-Nov-10 09:41:53

Same old ill-informed bollocks. If only I could turn the telly off!

DuelingFanio Wed 24-Nov-10 10:05:17

omg - I can't believe this.

I am on maternity leave so never usually watch this but as someone who had IVF I find this really hilarious.

I wish he would stop labouring the 'feckless people get pregnant just like that' point.

Arrggh at the doctor saying 'relax' and how crappy that they go from face treatments to a scan of a womb and back again!

DuelingFanio Wed 24-Nov-10 10:07:48

sorry - hilarious probably not the right word.

kat2504 Wed 24-Nov-10 17:21:05

Glad I missed that I would have thrown something at the telly. Since when was Jeremy the fertility expert? Wish he would stop banging on about feckless people. Presumably fecklessness does not make you more fertile? If it does I am leaving my job tomorrow and will start "benefit scrounging" and taking drugs. In Kyle-land, this guarantees I will be preggers in a month, surely?

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