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Can you spot three times during ovulation?

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Tryst Tue 23-Nov-10 12:45:42

I have a 24/25 day cycle. I usually spot on day 10 which i know is common of ovulation.
However, this month i spotted on day 10, day 13 and day 14 (all 3 times light pink), this has never happened before.
I know i don't have cysts as i recently had an ultrasound.
My question is can you only spot once during ovulation or is it common to spot more than once? Any ideas anyone?
I have also heard of implantation bleeding but of course it's way to soon for that.
My period is due in 8/9 days
Any ideas anyone?


StreathamRanger Fri 26-Nov-10 19:23:41

I very often spot a few times during my cycle, and usually for 2-3 days around ovulation. Apparently it's due to the changes in hormone levels and I've been told (repeatedly!) not to worry about it. If this is the first time you've had it I really wouldn't worry at all. Bit confusing about when you ov'd I guess, but CM changes could tell you that?

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