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has anyone been a surrogate?

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thisisyesterday Mon 22-Nov-10 13:56:54

this is possibly not the right topic... but i wasn't sure where to put it confused

just wondered if anyone on here had acted as a surrogate. it's something i've been considering recently but i don;t know how you would go about it, so would love to speak to anyone who has done this

3ismylot Tue 23-Nov-10 11:47:31

I havent yet but will be doing it in the new year.
My case is slightly different as Im doing it for a good friend so dont need to be matched up.

The main thing to decide is what kind of surrogate you are happy to be. You can either be a host surrogate where you use your own eggs (which is what I will be doing) or where you have an embryo implanted that has no biological connection to you.

There are organisations that can help match you with a couple as you are not allowed to advertise publically that you are a willing surrogate, there are guidelines and tests to have before being approved.
If you have a google you will be able to find alot more information.

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