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Copper coil fell out

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rachava Sun 21-Nov-10 12:47:18

hiya I have had the copper coil the one with no hormones in for about 6 months, but it fell out 5 days ago! 2 weeks before it fell out I was spotting which I never have done normal really regular every 28 days. I bled when it came out very lightly and then stopped, bled again and now has stopped again but have been feeling dizzy, sick, and sharp shooting pains in lower stomach on right hand side when walking or moving and cant stop urinating and have a bloated stomach! Has anyone had these symptoms with the removal of the copper coil, been looking on internet and cant find a thing proper stressing out going to see doctor next week but just want know what is going on and if anyone else has experienced this as me and my partner would like to start trying for a baby many thanks x

GlynistheMenace Sun 21-Nov-10 12:57:47

I'm not sure the coil dropping out by itself, along with the pain and other symptoms you describe is good. I think a trip to the clinic should be sooner rather than later.

I think I'd be on the phone getting professional advice IIWY.

bishboschone Sun 21-Nov-10 14:05:02

hi, I don;t know if this is relevant but I had my copper coil removed on the 2nd november to start ttc. I have had all these symptoms but I was kinda hoping it meant I was pregnant. I did try to google to see if there were any symptoms from having a coil removed and couldn't find any.

JanetPlanet Sun 21-Nov-10 14:34:16

Could you be pregnant? Coils increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. You should do a test and if it's positive go straight to get it checked that it's not ectopic. I don't mean to be a drama drawers but I have had an ectopic pregnancy and symptoms sound similar (pain on one side).

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 21-Nov-10 14:41:04

I agree with Janet - get a test done pronto smile

I would also get advice as soon as possible. Is there an NHS drop in centre near you?

Dipsy3 Sun 21-Nov-10 14:50:21

If you ring your regular gp practice, they'll give you a number for the out of hours doctors and surgeries in your area. Just to reiterate what the ladies have all said here: get seen asap to rule out anything like an ectopic. Good luck. Secretly hoping that you are already pregnant, as it is what you want anyway! My cousin was conceived while my aunt had a coil in: so not totally unheard of: he turned out fine, the pregnancy was plain sailing too. But you DO need to get checked out. Also a local family planning clinic may be of help ( although unsure ). Good luck.

rachava Sun 21-Nov-10 15:42:30

Hiya thank you for your replies I am going to call out of hours surgery now, thank you Il keep you all posted to what happens x

GlynistheMenace Tue 23-Nov-10 18:27:31

hi there

anyone heard from rachava?

how you doing?

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