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TTC and Post MC Tests for Dummies - can anyone offer up a simple guide to the options? Thanks.

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wonnaywombat Sat 20-Nov-10 07:00:46

Hi everyone and I hope you don't mind if I ask to pick your brains - I've had a look through some of the TTC threads and it sounds as if there are lots of highly knowledgeable, friendly and positive MNers out there!

I am currently 37, no DC yet and DH and I have been ttc since Feb which has resulted in two PGs but natural MC at around 6 weeks in June and then an MMC at around 9 weeks with ERPC last Sunday. The doc said that the contents will be tested to see if there is anything that can be ascertained.

On the assumption that there's nothing conclusive from the tests and that AF returns to normal soon (fingers tightly crossed), could someone give me a brief rundown on what tests DH and I could go for to see if there is a reason for the 2 MCs? - a kind of "Testing for Dummies" low-down! I know that they don't consider 2 to be unusual, but it would be good to know what options we have. I'm English but live abroad and so all tests would be private. I've seen the terms progesterone levels, LH, FSH etc. bandied around a lot here but really don't know what they mean or refer to (other than LH as we used an OPK one month and read up a lot on that).

Good luck to all of you who are ttc and to those PG already, may your journeys be smooth and anxiety-free as possible. Many thanks in advance.

MummyinEngland Sat 20-Nov-10 15:19:33


Sorry about your losses.

I am also English and living abroad (at home for treatment for Ashermans Syndrome at the moment)

I have had a lot of tests done in Costa Rica with various different doctors, but if I wrote about them all in one post I think it would fill the whole thread!!

Lesley Regan the head of the reccurent miscarriage clinic at St Mary's London has written a book called "Miscarriage - what every woman should know" it is very comprehensive. Its not really "for dummies" but very useful info and will help you ask your docs the right questions.

Bascially, you are looking at investigating two possible problems: Hormonal problems, normally diagnosed through blood tests, and structural problems, normally diagnosed through scans or a procedure like an HSG (dye is fed into your uterus and x ray pictures are taken)

Most gynecologists like to look at blood tests first because its easier and cheaper and then if these are ruled out they will move on to structural issues. There is lots of info about blood test results here This link shows the "basic package" after these have been checked they might want to move on to testing for blood clotting issues of which there are many.

If you havent heard of it already I really recommend getting a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler and learning all about charting. This is something that you can do to find out how regular or irregular your cycle is and you may well be able to identify things yourself and provide important information for your doctor. Check out too for an easy way to start charting.

Sorry not to be able to give you a complete overview, it really is a very large area! I hope that you are able to get some answers soon. Its definitely worth pursuing, I cant tell you what a huge difference it has made to me getting a proper diagnosis and having treatment. Dont give up hope xxxx

take care xxx

rachk32 Sat 20-Nov-10 21:57:45

hope you dont mind but going to lurke on this thread for a while, havent quite found where i belong on MN just yet.
Recap, 33 this yr, got married im may got pg in july, strated bleeding at 13 weeks hadnt been scanned at this point, got an early scan to find i had mmc,d at 8 weeks; finally mc,d on the 22nd sept, natural and had my first af on the 27th oct. Plan to ttc in december, but find some ttc threads very complicated.
Any advice on what vitamins,suppiaments i should be taking would be great as im meg confussed????
Sorry about your recent loss wombat and mummy, glaf your treatment is now underway, hows it going?

wonnaywombat Sun 21-Nov-10 07:21:00

Hi MummyinEngland and thanks so much for that useful info. Just having it split into the two possible problems is a great starting point (there is almost too much info out there. The link for the blood test info is helpful too. I will also track down the Lesley Regan and Toni Weschler books too - thanks for the recommendations. I think that it's the feeling that you're doing something that can help. Someone on another thread talked about wanting to hit the fast forward button which is so true - this is all teaching me a lot about patience, which I'm sure you must be getting very experienced at....!

I'm so sorry to hear about the Asherman's issues you've had but glad that you are making progress. I've seen you on a couple of other threads so thanks for making the time to answer this question too.

Rach - sorry for your loss as well. I'll look forward to hearing how you get on in the other conception thread.

MummyBellsAllTheWay Tue 30-Nov-10 10:58:38

Sorry ladies, I lost this thread for a while!

rach I feel like i have seen you about on other threads. Have you been on the JustMcPackYourCake thread? The ladies on there are lovely and very supportive, but the pace is frenetic, lots and lots of chatting. Come on over! As far as vitamins, unless you suspect a particular problem I would stick with a good multivitamin and high dose colic acid, at least 800mg.

Thanks for asking about my treatment, all is well. I am on high dose hrt at the moment, and should be able to ttc again in about 4-5 weeks grin

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