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symptoms disappearing during 2ww?

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LittleOne76 Fri 19-Nov-10 22:23:48

Has anyone ever experienced what seem to be early pregnancy symptoms during the week or so immediately after dpo which then seem to go away in the lead up to AF - and still get a BFP?

I'm wondering if the tiredness/cramps etc I initially felt were more in my head as I feel back to normal now.

Magen Sat 20-Nov-10 01:20:05

Before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my breasts were very sore. It only lasted for a day or two and really the only reason I took a HPT was bc DH wanted to drink wine that night. I tested so early that I could barely see the line. I was so symptom free from that point on I was convinced that it had been a chemical pregnancy. 8 weeks later I got to hear her heartbeat for the first timegrin Only time will tell, but don't worry about the disappearance of symptoms. Best wishes for you!

LittleOne76 Sat 20-Nov-10 07:23:29

Thanks. I was thinking that once the symptoms start they continue.... Just need to be patient I think!

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