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Ttc following EMCS - do I have to wait?

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Unrulysun Tue 16-Nov-10 19:37:25

Following an EMCS in late May I was told, in passing really by mw to wait 1 yr before ttc. I have asked my gp about this - she didn't know. I've asked a friend who is a doctor - she didn't know. Another friend - a med student thought he'd heard 6 months or a year.

We'd like to start ttc in the new year, I'm not getting any younger.

If it's just 1 yr for ease but actually 8 months is fine then I'd really like to know.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this they could share?

readywithwellies Wed 17-Nov-10 12:12:07

My midwife said this to me after my first emcs. I waited two years. Had another emcs, nothing mentioned.

I know of one woman who has had 4 emcs basically getting pregnant one time after another, she doesn't have any complications other than being knackered.

I think as long as you have no lasting problems, it would be fine. Some pregnancy books say wait a year with a normal delivery, so it is probably to do with the physical and mental recovery of pregnancy and birth to advise a year. Would advise getting your iron levels checked now though so you don't become anaemic near end of pregnancy.

Unrulysun Wed 17-Nov-10 14:20:26

Thanks - I assume it's uterine rupture which is the potential issue but scar is fine and has been for months. Very keen to get on but don't want to do something irresponsible for next pregnancy...

Showaddywaddy Wed 17-Nov-10 14:23:54

It's a good idea to wait. I was told at least a year after my emcs. You've had major abdominal surgery and while the scar may be fine on a normal day, being pregnant again is very different.

Of course many, many women will get pg within a year of an emcs but this doesn't mean it's recommended.

mamacheeks Wed 17-Nov-10 15:08:15

I saw an obstetric consultant after my emcs and asked this very question. He said there was no need to wait, but I guess each situation might be different. Good luck!

AlpinePony Wed 17-Nov-10 15:15:54

I had an emcs on July 1 and was told to wait 6 months, however I'm ttc from this month. There seems to be an awful lot of conflicting information out there although I did see some stuff saying that all the major healing would be done in the first few weeks.

Like you, I'm not getting any younger and as it took me 12 months to conceive this one I don't want to be waiting - it's very likely that I will have an elective this time.

When push comes to shove, what are they going to do? Force you in to a termination?

Unrulysun Wed 17-Nov-10 16:48:48

Thanks for the views - I suppose my concrn is that during pregnancy the scar might split and endanger the pregnancy. However I would have thought if that were a real concern there would be a lot more knowledge and information? It just seems like the precautionary principle at work and I need to weigh that against my age.

Tbh it's going to take a while anyway - still bfing dd.

silkenladder Wed 17-Nov-10 19:55:30

I was told that I ought to wait 1 year after planned cs, but the consultant admitted that he had never heard of anyone having problems having conceived again sooner. I think you're right and the official advice is just there to prevent the 1 in 10000 (or whatever) time something does go wrong.

If you want company ttc, we've had a lot of graduates on the ttc while breastfeeding thread and could do with some new members smile

Unrulysun Thu 18-Nov-10 11:16:56

Thanks - I think I might join you - had checked out the thread but thought you were all way ahead of
me. Am going to start replacing some feeds...

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