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TTC - what have you changed?

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Notyetamummy Sun 14-Nov-10 14:09:28

Hey everyone,

This is our first month ttc. Not sure how it will go.

I was just wondering what you have all done, if anything in preparation for ttc.

I --am trying to-- have given up alcohol, am attempting to eat healthier than normal and have started taking a combined pregnancy vitamin tablet from Asda (which includes folic acid). It's the most revolting tablet I've ever taken in my life and I'm considering just going for basic folic acid - when I open the packet the smell makes me want to vomit.

Should I be doing/taking anything else?

What's everyone else changed/changing?

Notyetamummy Sun 14-Nov-10 14:11:33

Oh dear - I apologise for my rubbish strike out blush

nannyl Sun 14-Nov-10 15:31:01

Im TTC from next month

I started taking folic acid in augast (just in case i got pg by mistake at least i would have had some)
started proper pre- pregnancy vits in september and OH started taking zinc.

I have removed aspartane completley from my diet since Augast.
Cut down on caffine (to one cup a day) in September, and have been caffine free since November 1st.
Have never drunk much anyway but i have given up alcohol completly since 1st Nov

Am eating super healthily with hardly any processed food at all.... the most processed i get is houmous or an organic fat free yogurt. Maybe the occasional bisuit or piece of chocolate... maybe a tin of baked beans or tune
(my bread machine is used several times per week!)
do tick tock tea bags count as processed?
Everything else is made by me from raw ingrediants.

Have been charting since augast and Using OPK's and i feel i can completly understand my cycle now

Im sure im way OTT and you dont need to do all of the above, but i am happy to know im doing my best to have the healthiest body possible for my baby to be convcieved in

Notyetamummy Sun 14-Nov-10 15:46:21

Wow nannyl that's impressive.

Can you tell me why you should not eat aspartane when ttc and what it's in? - so I can avoid.

Also - does DH taking zinc produce more/better quality sperm?

What per-pregnancy vits are you taking? Other than folic acid?

Good luck xxx

nannyl Sun 14-Nov-10 16:23:46

Im taking sanatogen mum to be vits.
(as of next weekend OH will be taking dad to be ones (whic are mukti vits + zinc), but he is just haveing zinc at the moment)
When men ejaculate they loose lots of zinc so its helpful for them to take zinc. i think zinc is needed for good quality sperm

I have every book ever published (well almost) wink on baby making and they all say to avoid... illegal drugs, cigarettes, alchol, caffine and aspartane.

Its a nasty chemial sweetener, which is used in so many things (especially sugar free or low sugar things, 'diet' products, and chewing gum, although as its cheaper than sugar it is also present in many 'does contain sugar versions' of drinks, ie robinsons 'full sugar' squash etc)
There are lots of questions about its safety (but it is legal for it to be used in the uk) but sainsburys wont use it all in any of their own brand products.
I have tried to avoid it for about the past 10 years anyway, but now insure i have none what so ever.

apparently (if i remember rightly) when our bodies process it it becomes formaldahyde and NEVER leaves or system.
I will always avoid aspartane weather im pregnant or not and my children will NOT be allowed it either!

Oh im also making an effort to have at least 2 portions of fish a week (but only 1 portion of tuna)

nannyl Sun 14-Nov-10 16:28:09

oh i also have got the flu jab BEFORE getting pregnant as refuse to have it while pregnant.

Was a bit if a mission as you only qualify for it on the NHS when you become pregnant, but once the dr read through my notes and found i had had asthma as a child i was eligable for that reason so could get it free on NHS...

otherwise you can pay £10ish in some larger boots stores.

I have avoided all over the counter medicines (except paracetamol) since September

LittleOne76 Sun 14-Nov-10 16:34:22

Went off the pill early this year and have been taking folic acid tablets for the past few months. I don't drink (except for a few sips on a Fri night..) or smoke and the only thing I could probably work on is the 1 cup of coffee per day that I currently have (need!). I eat fairly healthily but will still have the odd take out or satisfy that crisp craving every now and then. I figure whatever I do needs to be sustainable going forwards and am not sure that I wouldn't have the discipline to follow nannyl's approach!

Will start TTC next month although did have unprotected sex around ovulation time this month so you never know...! I have been feeling a little bit crampy/tired over the past few days and am trying not to get too excited about them being signs of conception..! Good luck all.

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