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could it be?

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bobbetybob Fri 12-Nov-10 13:46:19

Afternoon ladies - hope all are well?

Have been ttc for 5 months with possible referral for IVF after 6 due to conditions affecting fertility. My cycle has been suprisingly regular in this time and I was expecting AF but only got the tiniest amount of smearing when I wipe ( sorry TMI!) . Have so far had 4 BFN's - two prior to tuesday as I couldn't wait for the two weeks to be up and two since then. They are cheapy amazon tests. Hubby says wait till next week but I feel like I am prolonging the disappointment.

Strangley for me I have had none of my usual premenstrual sympsoms. I usually get cramps, sore swollen breasts, mood swings the works but this time nothing. Feeling quite happy for a change - is something weird going on or do you think I would be safe tog et a little bit hopeful??

Fedupttcnosuccess Fri 12-Nov-10 14:11:16

Bump. Hope someone more knowledgeable comes along soon x

ThatllDoPig Fri 12-Nov-10 14:13:42

What's a BFN? Is your period late? If so how many days? Hope you get some good news!

bobbetybob Fri 12-Nov-10 14:50:26

I am now 4 days late unless the weird spotting is actually my period. should probably just do another expensive test. thanks for bumping me

Twilightfan1 Fri 12-Nov-10 15:05:02

dont bother with expensive tests, they all do the same thing. Even dr's use cheap ones.
Wait until after weekend, then take another one. Good luck

bobbetybob Sun 14-Nov-10 14:05:12

Thanks Twilightfan1. I think it is safe to say no tests needed after AF has apparently got its act together - pain and all!

I am not as disappointed as I expected to be - maybe it hasn't sunk in yet. Thre's always next month I suppose

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