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Failed IVF attempt

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FunnysInTheGarden Thu 11-Nov-10 23:14:45

My poor poor friend who is desperate for a baby has failed at her first IVF attempt. Can anyone tell me what the stats are? She is young ie 31, very healthy as is her DH - who is also 31. I feel so sorry for her, but feel that if I knew what her chances were of being successful, I would at least be able to help in some way and give her some hope.

Also, and rightly so, she feels as though she has had a miscarriage. I have had two and took 2 weeks off work each time. What have other people done re work after such devastating news?

Thanks in advance. I know this is a difficult topic, but would like to do what I can to help my lovely friend.

Incidentally I have 2 DS's and have had 2 losses both at 12 weeks. She was there for me for both of them, but would the fact I now have children affect the way she might relate to me?

liamsdaddy Fri 12-Nov-10 08:05:45

The HFEA has success data, It varies from clinic to clinic and patient age: ml#1

From the data on the website, the national average is about 33%

The answer to your final question is: yes, it can do.

Although there is nothing more annoying when you are going through IVF then someone saying, oh better luck next time. There is always the risk that they will never have children (someone has to be the 0% stat).

FunnysInTheGarden Fri 12-Nov-10 22:32:26

Thanks Liams. Sorry I seem to have managed to start 2 posts on the same point blush

Thats the issue really, she will always be thinking what if I never have children. Fuck, the desire to have children is so strong. Thats why my hearts almost bleeds for her. I've been there to a much smaller degree.

She'll be OK, just hope she survives the journey.

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