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Prolactine Levels

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Luce2006 Wed 10-Nov-10 17:51:11

Was wondering if anyone's had this test done?
I had it done last week and when I called today the receptionist said that no prolactin had been detected hmm
Has anyone had this said to them? I can only find loads of infos on high levels of Prolactin but nothing where they talk about non existent levels of it


MummyAbroad Wed 10-Nov-10 20:19:31


I had this test done and the results were "normal"

my level was 3.79 and the normal ranges printed on the sheet says between 3.24-29.12

This site however says that normal is anything below 24, which suggests a level of zero is OK.

If I were you I would phone and ask:
Does this mean the test results are invalid?
Does a level of zero indicate that there is a problem?

I would want to check just for peace of mind, like you I have only heard that HIGH prolactin levels cause problems (it can indicate a treatable brain tumour and can suppress periods)

Hope you get some answers xxx

MummyAbroad Wed 10-Nov-10 20:21:22

on a quick google just found this:

"Levels of prolactin that are below normal are not usually treated but may be indicative of a more general hypopituitarism. Low levels may also be caused by drugs such as dopamine, levodopa, and ergot alkaloid derivatives." actin/test.html

Luce2006 Thu 11-Nov-10 08:47:12

Thanks MummyAbroad
will try and go to the Surgery this morning and get a copy of the results.
I googled hypopituitarism and I wished I hadn't done it now...LOL

lilly13 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:25:33

I was told by an indocrinologist that prolactine test results may sometimes be incorrect if bloods are taken within first 2-3 hours of being awake. Mine were initially extremely high when taken in the morning. I retook them a week later in the afternoon and they were normal. Don't worry for now. Have the test done again!

Luce2006 Thu 11-Nov-10 11:45:19

lilly13 I had mine done int he afternoon. It took me 2 months to finally managed to get a Dr to send me to have the levels checked so I'm not going to argue again with the Surgery!!!LOL
I'm seeing a consultant next weeks so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll tell me what's going on with my cycles.
The Surgery refused to give me a copy of the results this morning...left very p****d off!!!

MummyAbroad Thu 11-Nov-10 13:52:21

Hi Luce, whoops sorry I just googled it too, very scary stuff.

I imagine that if they do suspect something like that, repeat bloods would be in order to double check.

I think it is shocking that they give you some results that you cant understand and then leave you hanging on with no answers!

Dont give up asking for someone to explain the significance of the results! I have just been through 7 months of being pushy with doctors and have finally been diagnosed and am getting treatment. I did lots of scary googling too, but if thats what it takes to get to the bottom of things, be strong and keep going! Everything can be treated, you just need the right diagnosis.

Let us know how you get

Luce2006 Thu 11-Nov-10 20:26:27

I've been nagging Drs to send me for tests since March after I realised that my Luteal Phase is extremely short ( 3-5 days maximus) but I've had loads of problems...
The thing is,they told me the result over the phone last night but was told that until a Dr have a look at them they won't give me a copy angry
The problem with that is that because I had 3 different Drs filling the the blood form ( the first one didn't fill in the form properly and the other two kept getting the wrong test on it) over a 2 months period, last week they just got hold of a random Dr at the Surgery to amend the blood form for me but they forgot to put the Dr name on my files so now it's probably going to be another 2 months before they manage to find that Dr!!!!angry
The only thing I know is that it's the MACRO_PROLACTIn that is hasn't been detected and it seems to be similar but not the same thing of Prolactin
Very confusing...

I just wanted to have everything ready for when I see the consultant next week...

LaurenLaverne Thu 11-Nov-10 22:52:03

Hello, macro-prolactin and prolactin are different tests.
If you have had a higher than normal prolactin level then macro-prolactin can be measured.
This is because the test for prolactin can't tell the difference between that and macroprolactin.
Macroprolactin is not biologically active, so if your result is that there is no Macroprolactin but you do have a high prolactin then this could be causing some of your problems.
I would have thought they had measured prolactin too, have you got that result?

Hope this makes sense, if you google macroprolactin, you will be able to find pages that explain it better than me!

Luce2006 Thu 11-Nov-10 22:58:39

LauraLavern thanks for you input! when I went for the blood test on the form it said : fertility investigation/ Prolactin so when the Surgery told me the result for macroprolactine I didn't know what they were talking about. I asked if there was anything else but they said they could only read now I'm not even sure if they have actually checked my prolactne levelsconfused

LaurenLaverne Thu 11-Nov-10 23:04:56

Gah, how annoying! Hopefully they will let you have a copy of the report soon.
Do you know which hospital your blood was sent to for testing?
When you see your consultant he might be able to ring the hospital lab himself and ask about the results?
The lab wouldn't be able to talk to you about it but they should be able to give the results to your consultant.
Hope you get some info soon!

Luce2006 Tue 16-Nov-10 17:43:31

My SUrgery is just awful anyway!!! LOL
I'm going back tomorrow to see if I can get a copy to take to the consutant on Thursday. HAve no idea which hospital they sent it too.
Had another look on google and it says that sometimes labs detect macropolactine as prolactine giving false high results for hyperprolactinaemia so I guess it could be that my prolactive levels are high and they checked the macroprolactine to verify that the high result was indeed the prolactine or the macro-prolactine ( sorry, a bit confusing)
will se tomorrow, hopefully they managed to get hold of the Dr who sign the form and I'll eb able to get my copy

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