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Extreme discomfort following HyCoSy

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plumtrees Wed 10-Nov-10 11:28:23

I had this yesterday - it wasn't as dreadful as I'd feared but still very unpleasant. Towards the end of the procedure I had a very sudden sharp pain like something popped inside me or I was given a sudden prod. I shrieked very loudly, leapt about a foot off the bed and I was so shocked I started blubbing like a baby! It was pretty clear the consultant and nurse didn't think anything had happened to cause such a reaction and nothing more was said after they'd calmed me down.

I've been taking nurofen but by the time I went to bed last night I was in agony and could hardly walk. This morning it is better but I'm still in considerable discomfort and walking is painful and difficult. (imagine an old croan bent double stumbling along)

If I lie still in bed it's ok though.

Has anyone else had such an extreme reaction? I had expected mild period pain but this is nothing like period pain - it feels like I've been kicked several times in the stomach by a horse!

Fedupttcnosuccess Wed 10-Nov-10 11:46:14

I would either phone the gp, or get yourself down to the outpatients of your local hospital ( gynae section ). Were you not prescribed antibiotics? As I understand these are prescribed as a matter of course at some units, but not all. I suspect they need to investigate the cause of the pain, for that you do need an immediate consultation. I wouldn't leave it be for something more sinister to fester. Better that if there is an infection even, it gets treated sooner rather than later. Don't like the sound of the uncompassionate consultant and nurse though. They should have apologised or offered an explanation for the discomfort. I'd advise you to get it checked oh pronto! X

plumtrees Wed 10-Nov-10 11:55:32

I do have a one day course of antibiotics which I'm taking.

btw I love your name - pretty much sums up how I feel!!

The consultant and nurse weren't unkind, they just looked utterly shocked and confused.

They gave me a number to call if I was ill but I thought maybe this was normal and they just down played the pain. Thank you for your advice x

Fedupttcnosuccess Wed 10-Nov-10 13:22:21

Call the number Hun- and run it past them. What's the worst thing thatcan happen? They'll advise you on the next step to take: maybe a health visitor could come and give you a once over? Better to be safe than sorry. X

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