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When is my 21st day for the blood test??

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emmiegirl Tue 09-Nov-10 21:31:55


I am so confused! I can have a 21 day blood test this cycle but I can't work out when I should have it.

According to my CBFM I ovulate 7 days before my period.

Am I supposed to have the test when I ovulate, or 7 days AFTER ovulation, which is when my period will arrive?

Because my cycle varies between 30 - 35 days, the Dr did mention a 23 day blood test, so I have't got a clue when to book.



katsim Wed 10-Nov-10 13:22:11

Hi emmiegirl

You shoud take off 7 days from your shortest cycle. So you should go for your test in day 23.
Good luck

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 10-Nov-10 15:19:15

You need to go in on day 23 or a day or two earlier if the day 23 falls on a weekend.

Would not be using the CBFM - these can be wrong.

emmiegirl Wed 10-Nov-10 22:58:05

Ahh, so thats why a 23 day test was mentioned... blush

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