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any one use sure sign cheapie tests?

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sickoftheholidays Mon 08-Nov-10 19:35:41

So I have a friend who is 2 days before AF is due, she has been testing with 10miu internet cheapies off ebay, and keeps seeing squinter lines (you know the ones, turn it this way its there, turn it that way its not) so I told her to go buy a different brand and see if that came up with anything. She didnt want to waste loads on a big brand, so she bought a brand called sure sign from home bargains, and it came up with a line inside the time limit, but we couldnt really see any colour. I have never used this particular brand, so I dont know if they are reliable or not.
Has anyone used them, and if so, are they any good, and are they sensitive or not?

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