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AMH Test - anyone have a low result and it made no difference?

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Allthetimethinking Mon 08-Nov-10 17:57:11


Looking for a bit of hand holding or positive stories!

Bit of background: My periods were pretty scatty, and cycle lengths getting less and less and so, as a preconception thing at my dr I had a batch of tests done (one of which was the AMH test). It turned out that that this was really low: 2.2pcmol. Freakishly, I got pregnant and my DC is now 1. I had the test repeated and its now 0.84 (sob!). I obviously dont want my DC to be an only child, but in an ideal world I would leave it a little later before trying again. I really dont think I have that luxury now. Has anyone else had their AMH done, and it have no bearing on their actual fertility?

confuseddoiordonti Tue 09-Nov-10 18:55:36

Sorry, I can't help but I am bumping because I'm interested in any points of view!

froufroufox Fri 12-Nov-10 12:53:09

Also can't answer yr question,it's mine too...My AMH is lower than yrs,so i need a miracle too.xx

mrst3 Fri 12-Nov-10 15:16:42

Sorry I have high FSH (17) and low AMH (0.67) and have just been told I wont conceive naturally and need to consider Donor Eggs if wanting a family. Devastated although I'm 41 never imagined this would happen to me!

BarbiesBeaver Fri 12-Nov-10 15:36:34

Allthetime hello, I've got an AMH score of 2, so I'm encouraged to hear you were successful naturally with a similar level. There are some really encouraging stories on fertilityfriends here. I've heard that the AMH test is still a fairly new test - which has been based on a fairly small sample size of women, it's best used in conjunction with other fertility tests like FSH levels and so on.

I'm currently taking 75mg DHEA supplement daily as advised by my fertility consultant, as it can help those with poor egg quantity/quality and recurrent miscarriage. It's advised you speak to your GP or fertility consultant first before taking it though, as it can exacerbate problems with high testosterone levels/acne/hair gain. It's also not recommended that you take it for a long time, but up to 4 months is supposed to maximise it's results. Again, it's success is based on a fairly small study group but some good results have been attributed to it. You can buy it on the internet.

Allthetimethinking Fri 12-Nov-10 16:19:46

Thanks for all of your responses.

I wonder how many women concieve naturally with low AMH without knowing it, IYSWIM? ie, if you were to test all the women coming through the doors of a hospital maternity unit, how many of these have a low AMH? I got pregnant on my second month of trying with an AMH of 2.2. Now, if I hadnt had either the erratic periods or private health care I would have never had the AMH test, and would be none the wiser. I just wonder how many people have this test and go straight to doner eggs because they 'cant' get pregant with their own? I am feeling defiant and am going to press on regardless. Two fingers to the AMH test, I say! ;)

birdietimesthree Sun 14-Nov-10 16:21:39

allthetimethinking you've really cheered me up actually - I had an AMH level of 5.04 in May (could be lower now - how much time was there between your two tests ?) and am on 3rd cycle of ttc. Very glad to hear you conceived easily.

Allthetimethinking Sun 03-Apr-11 22:22:46


I just wanted to update this. Despite my abysmal AMH results I am now 16 weeks pregnant (naturally)! I know Im not out of the woods by any means, and I thought twice about posting this, but I am obviously totally over the moon (.....and not totally convinced about the AMH test......)


ceeej Fri 07-Oct-11 10:50:59

I have PCOS with crazy periods and was worried that there might be associated infertility problems so decided to get tests done before ttc (am 27 and ideally would have waited a few years to be in a better position career wise). I had FSH of 11 and AMH<1.5 which doc said was terrible and even IVF would have low chance of success so we started ttc immediately. I've just got a BFP after 3 months trying, which seems pretty quick to me, so glad we didn't go straight to IVF or donor eggs (although fingers crossed it sticks).

I had a quick look through the literature and it appears that all the studies on AMH have been on those who are already having difficulty conceiving, couldn't find any about natural conception with low AMH. There's still some debate over how useful it is as a measure, follicle count on an ultrasound seems to be regarded as more informative so I'd agree, two fingers to the AMH test.

Pocket1 Fri 07-Oct-11 22:50:36

I had my AMH done at the beginning of the summer and it was 0.07 - so low it was off the scale. The consultant told me that i wouldnt conceive naturally. so after lots of tears and a second opinion, i'm going for donor egg. Miraculously i've got a donor match quickly and my consultant is planning that i'll be pregnant by Christmas smile

I'm at Harley Street Fertility ( - Dr Venkat is just brilliant. A friend of a friend conceived with her with just one egg. And so far i'm delighted with my own progress. Its a very friendly clinic if anyone had any fertility questions i'm sure they'd be able to help... i was so glad i called them smile

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