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Anyone still in the running for July but just not quite sure?

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TinyDiamond Sun 07-Nov-10 16:32:18

Dreaded AF now 5 days late, maybe even more but my cycle does differ by a couple of days month to month.
Tested on the 1st bfn and expected af to turn up next day as with previous months when I have done this.

Nothing though. Curious.

Symptoms include:
Horribly sore boobies, but then they usually are until first day of af-(but we are nearing a week of discomfort now)

Headaches on and off all week,

Absence of af no bleeding whatsoever but had a teeny bit of spotting on tissue 29th/20th Oct but never turned into anything,

Cramps every day intermittently but NOTHING like I usually experience for my period.

Insane moods! poor other half has been shouted at repeatedly for using last of milk, leaving a light on etc etc. I swear I am never usually this horrible!

Not sure whether to get excited or not, had a complete phantom pregnancy back in May where even my GP was convinced I could be preg, was having morning sickness and everything. That amounted to nothing so not sure if my mind could be playing tricks on me again.


Anyone else with me?

I am on CD37 by the way

AandRMum Sun 07-Nov-10 20:41:56

Hi Tinydiamond it all sounds very promising but no fun getting BFNs - you might want to jump on the July Bus to see if there are still any hangers on on that bus! I vaguely remember reading about someone on there who never tested positive until she was 7 or so weeks pregnant - don't want to get your hopes up or anything but .... test test test!!

TinyDiamond Fri 12-Nov-10 11:41:30

Nope, dreaded af arrived today. I just have no idea why I was so late. 10 days late so I'm not assuming my cycle is all over the place. Unhappy and in pain rubbish

raspberrytipple Fri 12-Nov-10 13:08:21

I was just about to say I am in the same boat but then read that AF got you, so sorry. Cycles can be evil things. I think mine is just late but am having the same symptoms as you with the boobs and the moods plus tiredness (extreme!) and nausea/heartburn/run down with cold & sore throat all put together with an ability out out eat a sixty stone man and am now 5 days late. Testing again tonight but I suspect it will arrive over the weekend

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