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'Calista' - Saliva Ovulation Kit

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MoseGirl Mon 18-Aug-03 10:59:43

Unfortunately I can't afford the 'Persona' ovulation test kit so I have been looking at other products on the market. I have found the 'Calista' saliva test which is only £25.00 and lasts two years. Does anyone have any experience of this product as I really don't have £25 to waste if it doesn't work?

MoseGirl Mon 18-Aug-03 12:13:09


MoseGirl Mon 18-Aug-03 12:13:24


quackers Mon 18-Aug-03 12:21:55

Oh gosh, don't think anyone has heard of that one! Was it from the internet? Have you maybe tried putting a message on the persona thread and someone always wants to give one away for a reasonable price/donation to mumsnet?? Or even strat your own thread for a persona if that's what you would like to get ideally. Sorry i can't be more help on the calista stuff xxxx

splash Mon 18-Aug-03 12:24:07

hi mosegirl. i have a persona that i obtained from luchar. would you like me to send it to you as i am sort of happy to say that i do not need it and never will again.

MoseGirl Mon 18-Aug-03 12:37:50

Oooo yes pleeeeeeeeease!!! Are you sure ?

I can send you a cheque to cover any cost incurred...e.g.postage

Amanda XX

splash Mon 18-Aug-03 12:45:21

i will send it too you no probs just go to the top on contact another talker and give me your address to send it too. i also contacted persona and have the updated version of instructions. if you feel like making a donation to mumsnet then you can its totally up to you. best of luck hope it works. it worked for me just being in the house.

MoseGirl Mon 18-Aug-03 12:51:05

Thanks Splash...have sent an email.

Please confirm to my email address when you have received it.

Donation on its way!!!

A x

quackers Mon 18-Aug-03 14:06:29

Glad to have been some use!!! Good luck Mose girl/amanda!!!! Splash !

jacci88 Tue 28-Nov-06 23:17:24

Hi I used the calista test in 2005 and after using it every day for the first month I got to see when I was ovulating etc, so when it came to my second month of ttc I followed the fern like pattern and I got pregnant and had a gorgeous baby boy in 2005 Dec, I think the kit is sooo easy to use and fab! It is only valid for 2 years so I need to get another one, as hubby and I are thinking about baby number 2 now!

BabymadwithBump Wed 29-Nov-06 07:42:08

I brought off ebay a saliva microscope for £9.99, used it this cycle for the first time and it work, we found out on Saturday that I'm PG, so I really reckoned this this little scope! Best wishes Babymadxx

poppiesmum Wed 29-Nov-06 08:18:55

Hi - I got mine from Superdrug, used for 3 months and conceived after 18 months of being off the pill, so I will definately be using it again when we want to try for no.2!! Good luck!

moondog Wed 29-Nov-06 08:47:57

Ah Mose,someone beat me to it!
I have a calista (never used and will never use it as now have my children) that I want to go to a good home so if anyone else wants it (for free).......

stressbucket Wed 29-Nov-06 14:29:22

Hi BMWB - I'm new here (C8 and suspect this one hasn't worked either) but considering buying a microscope after your success! Congratulations! Any reason why the Calista and not Isis, recommended by Access Diagnostics or are they all much of a muchness....?

JendleWendleBells Thu 30-Nov-06 18:39:41

I could never read my Calista - couldn't see a thing!

Want2bemummy Fri 22-Apr-16 16:37:20

Has anyone still got a saliva ovulation test that i could have/buy?

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