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Charter's Anonymous: Volume 3, here's to better luck this time for us all!

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spilttheteaagain Wed 03-Nov-10 14:15:00

A shiny new thread girls and hopefully we shall all get merrily up-duffed with sticky beans grin

spilttheteaagain Wed 03-Nov-10 14:16:53

<scampers around excitedly in the big new empty thread>

Fedupttcnosuccess Wed 03-Nov-10 14:51:24

Here is a poem to inspire us on our journey:
by Edgar A. Guest

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
when the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
when the funds are low and the debts are high,
and you want to smile but you have to sigh,
when care is pressing you down a bit - rest if you must,
but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns.
As everyone of us sometimes learns.
And many a fellow turns about when he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow - you may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than it seems to a faint and faltering man;
often the struggler has given up when he might have captured the victor's cup;
and he learned too late when the night came down,
how close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out - the silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
and when you never can tell how close you are,
it may be near when it seems afar;
so stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - it's when things seem worst,
you must not quit.
Good luck to all who sail in this thread! x

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Wed 03-Nov-10 15:42:24

Bonjour Tous le monde!

here's to us all

hippychick66 Wed 03-Nov-10 15:46:32

Hello. Just marking my place - even though I am not charting at the moment, I just want to keep a motherly eye on you all grin.

TerrysNo2 Wed 03-Nov-10 16:15:42

Hello new thread! Hope we are not with each other long, but if we are, well at least its with a nice bunch!! grin

Fedupttcnosuccess Wed 03-Nov-10 16:18:12

Amen to that Terrys!

LadyGoneGaga Wed 03-Nov-10 16:46:42

Shiny new fred, I like grin.

Did post this at end of old one but I bet noone reads it. Just got a positive OPK so should ov tomorrow grin, cd21. I ovved cd22 last cycle before mc so looks like body is sorting itself out. Hopefully get a proper LP this month (was 7 days last month!).

So I know what my plans are for tonight wink.

And in other news just been for my second acupuncture session. Was really good. Bizarrely she did some needles down in my rightleg and I felt a definite sensation in my right ovary. Felt nothing when she did same on left leg so maybe to do with which side am ovulating?

She was a bit surpised by how much in touch with what my body is doing I am and I had to say it was all down to you lovely ladies and Queen Toni of course!

digitalgirl Wed 03-Nov-10 16:49:23

yay yay yay grin

New thread. New sticky sticky BFPs to be had.

spilt well done for starting it. Legend has it that every thread starter gets a bfp during thread.

mrsa haven't looked at your chart yet as am work and boss is behind me. Think a graph would catch his eye as it looks quite businessy and I'm often just on gossip websites. However, am fairly sure Sunday's sperm would be good for Tuesday espesh if you're using sperm food to keep the little swimmers nourished. And think both the 'Sperm Meets Egg' plan and FF advocate an early morning SWI on day of temp rise.

ladyggg I wrote I was going for a run in order to force myself to do it. And I did. Only a very slow jog for 20 minutes, but felt ready to face the world afterwards. I have this completely unresearched theory that a little bit of gentle exercise will speed up the bleeding and help kick start my hormones again.

mouse, terrys, hippy, fedup, how are you?

Other 'moving on' things I have done: Booked acupuncture for next week. Lined up an afternoon with very sympathetic ear on Friday (my day off) - even though this friend stole my last due date, she's been the loveliest in letting me discuss my last mc at length.

Am going to wait till bleeding has stopped before charting as I know there's no really rush with my cycles and it's quite nice not doing the 6am wakeup at the moment.

Also, been having lovely rude dreams about DH...which is surely a good thing? Am actually really looking forward to our first swi since all of this. It's been ages as I was so worried about provoking any bleeding during the pg that we hardly did it.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 03-Nov-10 16:57:43

Sounds like you're doing all the right things, Digi. Hope the bleeding stops for you soon and hormones start to get back to normal. Are you going to SWI this cycle or wait? I was far too impatient to wait...

It's a good sign I reckon that you're eager to get back on DH grin

digitalgirl Wed 03-Nov-10 17:24:43

ladyggg Yes, am too impatient to wait too. But yet to decide whether we properly go for it, or just don't actually prevent it from happening.

Worked out that if my cycles followed the same pattern as last time: 60 day WTF cycle, followed by 40 day cycle. That's 3.5 months till I can do the blood tests. Then 10 weeks to wait for the results. So from now that's a 6 month wait. Can't imagine waiting that long. I don't think it's very likely we'll get a BFP in the first two cycles anyway, but if we try then at least I can feel like I'm doing something. Also, knowing that I have tests coming up will soften the blow when AF turns up.

And hip hip hooray to your 35 day cycles! Would be very pleased with cycles that length.

TerrysNo2 Wed 03-Nov-10 17:40:04

digi I think that is definitely the best course of action, do something each month to try and make it happen so you feel a bit more empowered IYSWIM. I am trying to change one thing each month after not conceiving - this month it was buying a proper thermometer and next month I will be trying the food stuffs suggested. SWI-ing is all the rage too grin

I had lots of rude dreams about when I was PG last time. It was quite fun! blush

I am feeling impatient/optimistic/pessimistic/obsessed with "find charts like mine" on FF - does this sound about right for the 2ww?!?! grin

One week till AF due, FF reckons I should test until 18th November but sod that for a laugh - why else did I buy a pack of 20 PG tests?!!?

batteryhen Wed 03-Nov-10 17:46:23

ArrrgggggHHH - just did a long post for craptop to delete it all....angry

digi - i too went for runs to get things going - I really believe that if I get back into my normal routine then my body will too. Good news about the naughty dreams it's always a good sign - I love having those dreams and then waking up and giving DP a nice wake up call grin xx

Who was asking about lube??? I have some conception lube stuff and we just go ahead and smear it every where - more is the way forward IMO

ladyg - glad you have got your positive opk - in which case you should not be reading this - you should be otherwise engaged wink

So can I have some advice please? Its 2 weeks today that I had a small show of blood but didn't have the ERPC till friday. I really think my body is gearing up to something. Is is too early? Or about right? I never have lots of CM anyway - but have definitely had some in the past 2 days. I will POAS tomorrow but if I am working up to someting - then I want to hold off till the weekend when DP is home my temps have settled as I have been more strict this week.

I am picking dp up from the station and instead of going shopping we are doubling back home to SWI blush - needs must!

batteryhen Wed 03-Nov-10 17:50:24

terrys crossed post - I too am doing different things to make myself feel in charge. I am going to have acupuncture twice a month then reflexology once a month (funds depending). I still haven't got my taste back for wine which is good, but I am trying to be healthy.

Dp and I have decided to go ahead and plan holidays next year so we have stuff to look forward to. Hopefully I Iwll pg by then but I can't live in limbo - it will drive me mad!

TerrysNo2 Wed 03-Nov-10 18:26:11

Limbo is never a good place!

I also keep telling myself why next month is a nice month for a birthday, for example:

June - is a rubbish month because I don't know anyone I really like with birthdays in June (no offence intended) Oops, just realised FIL, SIL and Stepdad's birthday in June. Oh well, still need to excuse it!
July - good month as its my bday but I wouldn't want to share it.
August - rubbish for parties as no-one is about.
September - no one has any money left for presents as they've just been on hols.
October - its getting cold.
November - Far too cold and DS is born in this month so don't want to have 2 in one month.

You get the picture!! grin

spilttheteaagain Wed 03-Nov-10 19:36:31

Lovely poem btw Fedup

digi I hope your rule is correct!

Hope Lady is having a nice evening wink

mousebacon Wed 03-Nov-10 20:05:19

Ah, fedup that poem made me cry. It'll be a month tomorrow since the mc and I honestly don't know where the time has gone.

Not sure what's going on with my WTF cycle. I thought I had ewcm in the last couple of days but I'd be amazed if I was ovulating this soon. digi do you think you ov'd on your 60 dayer?

Anyway, we've been SWI every couple of days since the bleeding stopped on the premise that if we're lucky that'd be great and if we're not then at least we gave it our best shot.

Loving the shiny new thread smile xxxxx

IfAtFirstUDontSucceed Wed 03-Nov-10 20:29:54

oooh, so exciting with the brand-spanking new thread Hope it's a lucky one!

Well, I'm on CD7 so SWI officially starts today. We're taking the docs advice and SWI every other day from CD7 (with a bit extra thrown in on CD15 for good measure). At least that way, we can say that his theory ALSO failed when we go begging him for help in a few months!
Have no OPKs this month so it's down to good ol' fashioned charting. Although, I'm giving the CP a miss as I don't think I'm interpreting what I find very well and it's just confusing FF.

I scoured the internet for hours last night about other people's views on using a mooncup when TTC, until I realised that was an obsession too far and too expensive (at the moment anyway).

I'm necking the grapefruit juice daily now hoping that if what I hear is true, will help my lack of EWCM (any other tips ladies?)

I am absolutley dreading tomorrow. We go to meet SIL's new baby and I don't know if I can face it (but I cant not go). Everytime I picture DH holding the baby I start welling up blush I'm not looking forward to the questions directed at us either. I've already asked DH if he can divert the conversation if it seems to head that way!

digitalgirl Wed 03-Nov-10 20:36:57

ifatfirst looking back at my last cycle most of our timely swi happened in the morning followed by a 30-40 minute run. I know my bfp wasn't sticky but you really don't need a mooncup or to stand on your head.

hippychick66 Wed 03-Nov-10 21:33:50

Ahhh you lot are bringing back memories for me - I remember the whole mooncup thing the first time around. shock

battery LOL - we just go ahead and smear it every where - mind you don't slip on that big splodge on the floor now! grin

batteryhen Wed 03-Nov-10 21:42:54

hippy - I do mean everywhere too - I got stuck in my summer ball dress - the zip got stuck, and the only lubricant we had was pre seed .... blush - DP nearly killed himself laughing when he had to try and squirt it down my zip to get me out blush

digitalgirl Wed 03-Nov-10 22:01:08

mouse yes i do think I ovulated on the 60 dayer. Wasn't charting temps but had a pretty heavy and painful period at the end of it. Had already tested bfn so knew it was just a period. My anovulatory cycles tend to end with 4-5 days of light brown bleeding.

mousebacon Wed 03-Nov-10 22:33:47

Brilliant. That gives me hope - we've always been in tune digi smile

Maybe the lunch hour SWI will do the trick grin xx

night night ladies xxx

TerrysNo2 Wed 03-Nov-10 23:03:03

Very Impressed at your lunchtime SWI-ing mousebacon, TBH although I really really want to conceive this month, if we do get lucky, I will be forever blush at how we did it, twas on Saturday, we were going out for eve so knew we'd be too knackered then so had to be a daytime thing but DS doesn't nap anymore so we put on a DVD, gave him a bowl of raisins and told him Mummy and Daddy had to "do some work" (he's almost 2)!!! blush blush

TerrysNo2 Thu 04-Nov-10 11:43:08

I feel rubbish today - my voice is almost gone due to yucky cold.

I also have backache and a wave of nausea - surely not PG symptom as only 5dpo?!?!

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