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90 day cycle, Am I the only one?

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tinky19 Sun 31-Oct-10 23:15:16

Have read lots. Have PCOS and underactive thyroid and a three months cycle.
Is there anyone else with such a long/ irregular cycle?
Feel jealous of all those who have a chance once a month of BFP.

MummyAbroad Mon 01-Nov-10 01:07:34

Hi Tinky19, I am day 117 after an ERPC still no AF. PCOS and thyroid problems have been ruled out so I am now starting to investigate Ashermans.

Sorry I know we are not really in the same boat, but I can totally understand the jealousy thing. I have seen loads of women on this board get pregnant since I lost mine in March. My due date has been and gone and I am still no where near even being fertile. sad
The worse thing is, I know I am ovulating every month, but its worthless when there is no lining to catch it - your chances may be slimmer than most, but you are at least in with a chance. xxx

pipistrello Mon 01-Nov-10 07:15:09

Tinky, I was clocking up 90-100 day cycles before I went to the GP. I don't think I had actually realised how far apart my periods were until I started ttc. I know just what you mean about the frustration of most people getting a chance every month, as opposed to our four chances a year (and don't even get me started on the difficulty of working out if/when you are ovulating in the middle of all that).

Have you been to your GP at all? Mine has put me on Metformin to make my periods more frequent. So far it has made me bleed (lightly) for most of the time, but it's only been three months, so hopefully things should settle down soon into a normal cycle.

xwitch Mon 01-Nov-10 08:14:53

I had a 28day cycle until September. I am currently on day 54 so don't know how long it is going to go.

tinky19 Mon 01-Nov-10 09:06:30

pipistrello, I've been to GP and I have to wait to get my thyroid sorted before she'll discuss metfromin.
Thanks for all the replies.

MummyinEngland Thu 18-Nov-10 17:18:38

Turns out I did have Ashermans, but its just been fixed!! -Support-Thread-for-those-seeking-diagnosis-gettin g-treatment-or-TTCing-again-after-All-welcome

matana Thu 18-Nov-10 17:27:44

I used to have really irregular cycles (also PCOS) which tended to be very long - one was approaching 80 days i think. It's very wearing - not just because you're TTC but because it just makes you feel really icky and up and down. Have you tried everything they've suggested (e.g.weight loss and exercise?)

If all else has failed and they won't put you on any drugs, you could try a herbal tablet called Agnus Castus. I'd been trying for two and a half years and am usually not a great believer in herbal/ alternative therapy. But i was so desperate i'd give anything a go.

After a month i was pregnant - now 38 weeks.

Good luck.

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