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PCOS and TTC! Anyone want to join with me?

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AnnieBeansMum Thu 14-Oct-10 15:29:29

I ladies. I have DD1 (almost 3) and DH and I have begun talking about TTC #2. It took nearly 4 years to conceive DD1 and we finally had success with a course of clomid.

I am now in Canada and have just been referred to a new gynecologist who is apparently the leading expert in PCOS in Canada. So hopefully he will be able to help speed things along. I don't think I could take another 4 year wait.

Does anyone else want to join??

AnnieBeansMum Thu 14-Oct-10 17:27:46


Fairygodmother1 Thu 14-Oct-10 19:14:17

I'll join ya - almost 3 years trying to conceive #1. I have PCOS too. Clomid didn't work so now on Metformin untill I get my BMI down to 29.


highheelsandequations Thu 14-Oct-10 19:32:03

I'll join you too, roughly 18 months (or more, I lose track) ttc no 1 with PCOS. Had clomid for 3 cycles and no joy. Now waiting for a ridiculously long cycle to end so I can book my HSG and move things forwards.

Fairygodmother1 Thu 14-Oct-10 19:49:25

Hi ya Highheels!!!!! I've had HYCOSY wich I think is similar. My only problem seems to be when do I ovulate? Hoping the Metformin helps!


Miffles Thu 14-Oct-10 19:50:05

Hello! I'll come along for the ride. We're TTC #1 - for 10 months. I have PCOS, and we've just been told DH hasn't the best swimmers in the world. Will be seeing the consultant again in a few weeks, when we decide if we'll give clomid a go or go straight for assisted fertilisation (which scares the willies off me, if I'm honest!)

Fairygodmother1 Thu 14-Oct-10 19:55:16

I'm glad to find people still TTC #1 - felt like the only one!

Clomid isn't too bad TBH - I took it at night to help with any symptoms. The metformin hasn't been too bad but has turned me off dairy!


Miffles Thu 14-Oct-10 20:07:53

Hey Fairy - thanks again for your support on the other thread as well. How are you doing on the metformin? Lost any yet? If you don't mind me asking, how much have you got to lose to get to 29 BMI?

I think I'm going to try clomid for the 6 cycles. Since I'm 29 I have time on my side, so will do that first. As DH keeps saying, it only takes one!! So we'll do that, go at it like rabbits at the right time, and hope something happens.

Fairy and Highheels - although clomid didn't work for you, do you know if you ovulated?

reallygrumpy Thu 14-Oct-10 20:37:57

Hello all, I've also got pcos and am ttc dc#2, dd is nearly 3 and it took 18 months to conceive her. So far we've been trying for nearly 2 years, I did get pg earlier this year on my 3rd cycle of clomid but then I had a mc sad. I'm currently taking metformin and having a little break from clomid but I'll start it again in about a month's time but I can only have 2 more cycles. Then the options are ovarian drilling or injectables....

Oh, and I struggle with keeping my weight down (I can gain weight just by looking at a donut!) and I'm trying to lose some weight to see if that helps... Right, will stop waffling on now....

AnnieBeansMum Thu 14-Oct-10 20:46:34

Hello everyone!

I'm so glad you came along, I was beginning to wonder whether I was the only one on here with pcos and ttc.

I know exactly how heartbreaking it can be month after month waiting for the positive test result. Hopefully this new doc will be able to speed things along.

I don't know what sort of diets you all have, but my doctor has suggested a low GI diet for managing PCOS which in turn should boost fertility. Oh my precious carbs, but it'll be worth it if it helps us conceive dc2.

AnnieBeansMum TTC #2 Cycle 1 UCL 32 CD 29
Fairygodmother1 TTC #1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
Highheelsandequations TTC #1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
Miffles TTC #1 Cycle 10 UCL ? CD ?
reallygrumpy TTC #2 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?

Best of luck everyone. Here's hoping for lots of success for all of us.

Fairygodmother1 Thu 14-Oct-10 21:26:01

Miffles I currently have bmi 32 but been like that for a year now even with low GI which is why I'm giving Met a go.

I'm starting to get bored of the low GI diet. Anyone got any new recipe ideas?

reallygrumpy Thu 14-Oct-10 22:56:41

Well I did the Carol Vorderman detox for a week before I found out I was pg earlier this year. I lost 4 or 5 pounds in a week but it was really hard - it's no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine, no meat or fish and no alcohol so basically you have to eat at home or take your food with you. DH wants to lose weight too so we've decided to try the Dukan diet (DH likes the idea of a diet where you cab eat steak!) and we're starting on sun, the first few days is protein only which I'll find really hard.

Annie - I can't really add my stats to your list cos I don't have a UCL and have no idea how many cycles we've been trying for.

Well done on the weight loss fairy!

ariane5 Thu 14-Oct-10 23:07:15

wanted to offer you all some hope- i have PCOS and have got 3 beautiful children. dd1 took 2 yrs and 2 cycles with clomid to conceive, ds took just over 3 years to conceive and dd2 took just 1 month!

i changed my diet when ttc dd1 and cut down on sugar and included lots of salad and veg (esp watercress-not sure if it helped but thought id mention it!) i also started exercising- going for a brisk walk every day and had reflexology.

i know how hard it can be and how frustrating and i wish you all the best of lucksmile

8rubberduckies Fri 15-Oct-10 10:19:35

Hi all, can I join you? I'm ttc number 2, my ds is 2.3 and we decided to start ttc at Christmas, only for me not to have a period until April! Things have improved since then, and I've had 5 cycles, but no luck yet.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2007, and conceived ds1 3 months later (happy accident), so we were really lucky. I have been taking Metformin since April, but quite a low dose, as I struggled to up it due to horrendous side effects, but I have just started on the slow-release metformin and am managing to keep 1000mg a day down now! I am currently having blood tests for this cycle and went for one this morning and the nurse confirmed I OVd about 9 days ago, so just waiting now.

I don't think this is our month as we have both been ill with bugs an and off and BD timing has been a bit off, so just waiting for AF to turn up really, and GP appointment as soon as it does to see what my next steps are.

MY BMI is around 29-30 and I really struggle to lose weight, I'm hoping that the higher dose of metformin may help now.

Annie you will have to pass on all the expert knowledge your private gynae gives you to all of us stuck with the often-pants NHS grin.

AnnieBeansMum TTC #2 Cycle 1 UCL 32 CD 29
Fairygodmother1 TTC #1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
Highheelsandequations TTC #1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
Miffles TTC #1 Cycle 10 UCL ? CD ?
reallygrumpy TTC #2 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
8rubberduckies ttc#2 cycle6 UCL 28-44 CD40

HallieGirl Fri 15-Oct-10 13:24:34

Hi - Can I join too?

I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of months ago after I stopped taking the pill and my periods never returned. Must admit I was shocked as I don't have any other symptoms. Normal BMI (21) although I am quite healthy (excercise 3 times a week, eat my 5 a day).

I have now done 2 cycles of clomid, which has done nothing. Starting to feel quite down about it. I am trying for number one and am just trying to get my head around the fact that it won't be as easy as I thought...

Now just waiting for next appointment with GP, when I am going to aks him to refer me to a specialist (ages to wait though - end of month)

RE GI - what foods do you normally like eating? A lot can be tweaked to make them lower gi (baked sweet potato, rather than normal, wholegrain bread and pasta). Not so easy for cakes and biscuits though although apparently nutella is low gi!

I also can't answer UCL, CD etc as don't have them as I don't ovulate. Its been six moths though.

AnnieBeansMum TTC #2 Cycle 1 UCL 32 CD 29
Fairygodmother1 TTC #1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
Highheelsandequations TTC #1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
Miffles TTC #1 Cycle 10 UCL ? CD ?
reallygrumpy TTC #2 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?
8rubberduckies ttc#2 cycle6 UCL 28-44 CD40
Halliegirl ttc#1 Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?

AnnieBeansMum Fri 15-Oct-10 14:56:11

Welcome 8rubberduckies and Halliegirl.

In light of the fact that very few of us have normal cycles, I've tweaked our list a bit:

AnnieBeansMum TTC #2 Trying for 1 Month
Fairygodmother1 TTC #1 Trying for 36 Months
Highheelsandequations TTC #1 Trying for 18 Months
Miffles TTC #1 Trying for 10 Months
reallygrumpy TTC #2 Trying for 24 Months
8rubberduckies ttc#2 Trying for 10 Months
Halliegirl ttc#1 Trying for ? Months

I'm not sure when I will get in to see the gynae. Went to see my doctor on Wednesday and he said he would send the referral through on Thursday. Hopefully I will hear something next week. I will definitely share any and all information he gives me.

I have been on and off Metformin since I was diagnosed in April 2004. I just can't take the stuff. I was eventually at 1500mg a day and my body was not coping well. I lost loads of weight but I struggled to cope with the side effects. After DD was born I dragged my butt and never really went back on it full time. I started again when DD was 9-10 months but was only on it for about a month. Then went back on the slow release Met this April. That lasted all of 2 months! I just can't take it. Apparently this Gynae has done a lot of research on the condition and he has no faith in Met. I'll let you know what he suggests.

Best of luck everyone. I hope our list shrinks quickly.

HallieGirl Fri 15-Oct-10 16:06:17

AnnieBeansMum TTC #2 Trying for 1 Month
Fairygodmother1 TTC #1 Trying for 36 Months
Highheelsandequations TTC #1 Trying for 18 Months
Miffles TTC #1 Trying for 10 Months
reallygrumpy TTC #2 Trying for 24 Months
8rubberduckies ttc#2 Trying for 10 Months
Halliegirl ttc#1 Trying for 7 Months

tinky19 Fri 15-Oct-10 16:31:56

Hello can I join too.
I was diagnosed Dec 2007 after no periond for 14 months (GP previously said I was stressed)
Was due to begin clomid (having reached 29 BMI - I wasn't prescribed it till BMI<30)Sept 09 but found out i was pregnant and had DS1 in April 2010.
Since BMI has rocketed to 34 and no periods. I also have an underactive thyroid.
Have asked GP for Metformin but they said no sad I'm going back on Thursday to ask again as Thyroxine has helped with tiredness but not weight. I eat healthily but nothing seems to shift it. Makes me cross because I know they'll say to get BMI down again as if I'm not trying!

AnnieBeansMum TTC #2 Trying for 1 Month
Fairygodmother1 TTC #1 Trying for 36 Months
Highheelsandequations TTC #1 Trying for 18 Months
Miffles TTC #1 Trying for 10 Months
reallygrumpy TTC #2 Trying for 24 Months
8rubberduckies ttc#2 Trying for 10 Months
Halliegirl ttc#1 Trying for 7 Months
Tinky19 ttc#2 Trying for 5 months

highheelsandequations Fri 15-Oct-10 16:37:56

Waves to fairy and reallygrumpy

Miffles I ovulated on 25mg of clomid (very low dose I know). Results showed definite ovulation on cycle 3 and probably on cycles 1 and 2 (but bloods were done on wrong day).

I'm very lucky with my BMI, usually around 20 so have actually been trying to get it up to 21 for best conception chance. Do need to keep exercising though as if I stop my usual routine I can pile on the pounds really quickly. A couple of years ago I bought Rosemary Connely's GI Hip and Thigh Diet book as I couldn't shift a stone that had managed to creep on. Still use some of the recipes as they're pretty tasty and low GI.

Happy weekend ladies!

AnnieBeansMum Fri 15-Oct-10 16:47:39

Well my low GI/carbs diet starts Monday and I am terrified. I absolutely adore carbs, but I need to shift the weight especially if doing so will boost my fertility.

Welcome Tinky19. I would demand Metformin (even though I hate it, it does help). What reason does your GP give for not prescribing it? It is the standard treatment for PCOS as far as I know. If s/he won't listen, then change GPs to someone who will actually listen to your concerns.

tinky19 Fri 15-Oct-10 16:52:13

I'm not sure really. I was told to go and loose weight and they'd give me clomid. Metfirmin wasn't mentioned the first time round. I didn't know much myself to begin with so didn't push it. Now I will. It could take years to shift the weight. I eat low gi but nothing really moves.

tinky19 Fri 15-Oct-10 16:53:46

Does anyone else get bad period pains but no periods?

AnnieBeansMum Fri 15-Oct-10 17:09:29

Tinky19 - I would suggest you get this book (or anything else by Collette Harris). She also does a PCOS diet book which is meant to be good. I never really understood PCOS until I read her books. They're awesome!

And yes I do sometimes get period pains when I'm not due. I landed in the hospital in March 2007 with an emergency appendectomy. Unbeknowst to me or the doctors, I was days pregnant with DD1 and when I went to the hospital when I was 20 weeks, the consultant actually told me that all that pain was a ruptured cyst and not my appendix as we all thought. Turns out the ruptured cyst caused an infection which spread to my appendix. I had surgery and a lot of drugs - I have no idea how DD survived....but she did.

All that blathering and my point is - could your "cramps" possibly be rupturing cysts? Apparently they rupture fairly often and are harmless, mine was a massive one across most of my right ovary which is why it was such intense pain.

GruffaloMama Fri 15-Oct-10 17:57:27

Hi - can I join in? Tinky that sounds rotten. I did month before last but was convinced it was implantation - I had other pg symptoms too but it came to naught.

AnnieBeansMum astonishing story - what an amazing baby your DD must have been!

Was diagnosed formally with PCOS the month I conceived DS. He showed up as an abnormality on the internal scan they did (too little to count as a pregnancy at that stage). Will check out the Collette Harris book.

DS is now 2 and we're TTC#2. Have been trying for 3 months. Cycle is more regular than before DS. But have also been temp charting as per Taking Charge of your Fertility just for my last cycle. Hoping it'll give me more info about likely ovulation times/whether I am ovulating. Am also breast feeding DS (just one evening feed per day) so between that and PCOS not sure quite what's going on. Does anyone know if temp charting works if you've got PCOS?

Fairygodmother1 Fri 15-Oct-10 18:03:06

I'm a total choc-a-holic but hate nutella cos it just don't taste right. I also find it hard because I refuse to cook two differnt meals for DH so we eat the same & he doesn't like things like sweet potato. It's not I find Low GI hard, I just get bored really easily. I'm pretty fit walking 3 miles up & down hills every day & try very hard to fit in my WII fit.

Can I ask, how old is everyone? I'm 30 tomorrow & really though I was gonna be a mum by now. Am hoping this is my year!

I like the stats! Prob best not to have a UCL with us!!!! Blinking PCOS!!!

<waves at highheels> how you doing honey? Will get my old Rosemary C diet book out <wonders where she last saw it hmm>

Miffles I ovulated on low dose of Clomid but nothing stuck. Apparently doesn't work for everyone.

Annie It's 'good' carbs you need apparently...thanks for the book recommendation.

Tinky Met wasn't mentioned to me either - clomid then IVF. It's only cos my cycle has gone crazy as in too often & IVF refused that I got an app with another cons & he suggested it. When I asked my original cons when the clomid didn't work he said mets wouldn't work!!!! I hope to prove him wrong!

Sorry to waffle on!!!! grin

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