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TTC or Pregnant with an under-active Thyroid.

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hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 11:06:03


We were talking about this a lot on the charting thread and thought it would be good to start a separate thread.

There's about 3 of us at the moment but please do join us too if you are TTC with this added probem.

My results were 9.07 and then a few weeks later 5.5. I'm due another blood test in 5 weeks and hopefully my GP should be starting me on Thyroxin soon.

Quite worried cos the NHS guidelines say your numbers should be a lot lower when pregnant. still i haven't got that BFP yet so I guess I'll worry then.

ladygonegaga and Bessie26 - hurry up and join me here grin.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Sep-10 11:23:58

<Waves at Hippy> Thanks for setting this up.

Just bit of background for anyone not from the charting thread. I've been battling thyroid issues for a number of years now. Had sub-clinical Underactive thyroid from being about 23, borderline TSH but felt dreadful, brain fog, gained a lot of weight and they refused to treat. Got symptoms under control with Homeopathy (prob the placebo effect!) but then came back when I was 28. They then decided to treat me and was like a light coming on! Just felt so much better, brain fog went, started feeling sociable again. Had my DS the year after with no issues. Now trying to conceive no. 2 but sadly just had a mc. Prob not down to the thyroid but have been concerned since was feeling symptomatic before got pg and test came out at TSH 3.5 when NHS guideline is under 2 during pregnancy. So Doctor has agreed to up my dose of Thyroxine to 125mcg.

Hippy have they tested your antibodies? If these are high this means your immune system is attacking Thyroid gland and causing it to fail. It is a typical cause but better to be medicated sooner rather than later.

I think Thyroid issues are very common though. Following my diagnosis my sister also got diagnosed and really weirdly, my BROTHER, just a few weeks ago!

LankyLegs Tue 14-Sep-10 11:44:46

Hello ladies - can I join? I did try and start a similar thread donkey's ago but It didn't really take off! Pleased there is one now though....

Bit of background from me. I got diagnosed back in June with an underactive thyroid and my results then were TSH: 13.93 and T4: 10.1(wierdly these tests were doen as part of my day 21 bloods). Went onto 50mcg of levothyroxine and then my last bloods around 7/8 weeks ago were even worse - TSH: 15.43 and T4: 13.1, the GP then doubled my dose to100mcg of levothyroxine. I have another blood test next week to check levels again - keeping fingers crossed they have dropped into a healthy range. We have been TTC for coming up to a year next month and its starting to take its toll! I have also been informed it can take a few months of tweaking to get the levels right, but it's a hard waiting game to play. Have also been temping as well and seem to have no problems ovulating etc so not sure what else is going on. Have had day 21 tests and DH's SA came back ok as well. The only thing I can think for the lack of a BFP is the thyroid now....

hippychick I too read that TSH should be 0.4-2.0 ideally to conceive. Are you not on thyroxine already? Interesting that your TSH has decreased without meds? Do you know what that has happened?

LadyG really sorry to hear about your mc - hope you are doing well. It sounds like your TSH was under control although - It sounds like it took you a while to get there though. I think you did the right thing getting it increased just in case.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Sep-10 11:52:51

Wow, LL, you must have been feeling like sh*t, no? I'm useless if my TSH levels even wobble into top end of normal. Different people seem to be so different in their sensitivity to it.

Anyway, hello, hope you start to feel better soon and get your BFP. I think really it is good to get the thyroid under control before you get the BFP as can have impact on the baby developmentally if not treated properly so good they are taking it seriously. It can take a bit of time tweaking doses to get it right but hopefully you will get there soon.

And to reassure you my pg with DS was fine, they monitored growth etc a bit more closely, but he is a very bright little boy <shameless Mummy boast> and doesn't seemt to have been affected at all. They even let me attempt a home birth (although ended in transfer to hospital due to malpresentation but that another story!)

LankyLegs Tue 14-Sep-10 12:01:56

Thanks LadyGG - and so lovely to hear that your pregnancy went well. I would totally be proud as well so boast away!

It is really frustrating how long it can take to get the dose right - have a feeling that the bloods next week will reveal a decrease in TSH but not quite I need for pregnancy/conception.

I actually was shocked when they told me I had an underactive thyroid - the only symptoms I guess I had was that I would fall asleep quite early on the sofa every evening, so I guess I was feeling silly tired and also the whole bowel movement thing (TMI - sorry!).. oh and I guess I felt a bit down... so actually thinking about it I guess I had a lot of the symptoms!! I just never attributed them to thyroid issues.

As soon as I got on the 100mcg I felt soo much better - it just suddenly clicked one day and I felt a lot more on the ball and happier/positive.

It's nice to chat to people that are experiencing the same problems grin

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Sep-10 12:08:01

It's amazing how you spend/waste years attributing feeling tired/depressed/old to life when actually a tiny little pill makes you feel like you again really quickly.

Nice to chat too. Have this biscuit

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 12:15:40

Hi lankylegs - great name.

My GP said that my thyroid is obvoiusly kicking in in fits and starts. That's how the numbers were so different. She thinks my thyroid kicks in and takes over occasionally. her reason for not giving the meds is :- because the numbers are fluctuating so much she doesn't want to make me over-active.

I don't know all the technical terms for my results T3, T4 etc confused. But she did say that cos the anti biodies were high(88 i think) that shows that I will defo need the meds eventually.

Bit of background for you lanky I do seem to ovulate every month despite the rumour that underactive thyroid effects your cycle. I have been pregnant twice this year, MMC in Feb and MC in June BUT I am 44 and I am 99% sure that those losses were down to my old eggs (don't want to panic you grin).

I have 2 DC's already, so am very lucky on that front.

I hope Bessie joins us soon too. (she's currently pregnant and has also had a couple of MC's sad)

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 12:30:37

lady I'm at home and the TV is on. They keep talking about what ladygaga is wearing (an outfit made of meat) and I keep thinking they are talking about you grin

bessie26 Tue 14-Sep-10 13:26:48

hi everyone! Thanks hippy for starting this up!

I had a range of blood tests done mc in May. TSH 6.61 & free T4 11.5. Antibodies all fine. GP told me we had to wait & re-test after 3 months... Just got results back yesterday, TSH now 10.8 & free T4 9.4 GP said that if I wasn't pg, she would want to do more tests before giving me anything, but as I am grin I started on 0.25mcg this morning. Will repeat blood tests in 6 weeks time.

A question for you already on the pills, how long should it take before I notice the difference?

I'm off to gynecology on thursday for my first scan <gulp>, so my GP told me to quiz them about dosage & ideal levels. I have just printed out this NHS Guidance to show them (just incase they don't know!) - it says when TTC or pg you should aim to be between 0.4 -> 2.0

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Sep-10 14:01:06

Hi Bessie. A month or so really. But tbh I think 25mcg might be a bit conservative and they will prob need to up it again. They started me on 50 initially I think and my TSH levels were much lower (6 or 7 from memory).

Besom Tue 14-Sep-10 14:09:57

Hi everyone, gosh, reading this thread makes me realise I'm very ignorant of my own condition. I've never asked what my levels are or anything. They just say 'your levels are fine' and I go 'OK thanks'.

I was diagnosed after the birth of dd. Currently on 125 mcg. I've unfortunately been pregnant and miscarried twice this year. They have increased the thyroxin dose by 25mcg as standard both times.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 14-Sep-10 14:17:49

The range of "normal" can make the difference between feeling great and functioning normally and feeling absolutely rubbish. GP's should treat your symptoms and not your numbers really. But sadly they seldom do.

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 15:07:37

besom can I ask what age you are please. Just wondering - cos you've had 2 MC's this year the same as me - just wondering now if there is a link??? hmm

Besom Tue 14-Sep-10 15:20:03

I'm 39 hippychick, so my age is probably the biggest risk factor for miscarriage.

How are you doing? I've found it very hard going this year.

Both times I've been tested very early on and they've been happy with the levels (although as I say, I've kind of just taken this at face value). I also spoke to an endocrinologist who said that as long as the thyroxin is adjusted as soon as you know you're pregnant and then you're regularly tested, there shouldn't be a problem 'in theory'.

However, I've an appointment with a specialist regarding the miscarriages in November, so will find out more then hopefully.

LankyLegs Tue 14-Sep-10 15:20:22

Congrats Bessie on your pregnancy. I do agree with LadyGG it normally takes a few weeks for them to fully kick in. Also - 0.25mcg does sound conservative - if your TSH is 10.8. I think you should ask the gynae too as from what I have read your thyroxine needs normally go up when you are pregnant.

Hippychick and besom sorry to hear about your mc's that must have been really tough.

Hippy sounds like you have an interesting thyroid - if it is kicking in in fits and starts - hope that doesn't effect you too much?

Besom you should ring the GP and get your latest blood results - it is actually really helpful knowing the numbers as there is quite a bit of info out there on the whole matter.

Besom Tue 14-Sep-10 15:27:46

Yes LankyLegs, I think I will. I'm due another test anyway.

Besom Tue 14-Sep-10 15:32:30

Bessie - Congratulations btw!

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 15:34:10

Yes, besom I've found it tough too. It's hard to keep going sometimes isn't it? Like you I'm the wrong side of 35 (I'm further the other side than you though grin. So I do put the MC's down to that.

Looks like we are getting a nice little under-active thyroid gang together here.

Good idea of yours bessie to start a separate thread.

Lets hope we're all preggers (with a healthy embryo)very soon smile

Besom Tue 14-Sep-10 16:09:16

hippychick - have you asked for a referral regarding the mcs? GP said it was usually only after 3 but given my age she was willing to refer.

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 20:18:08

To be honest I didn't really think about tests etc. In both my MC's it seemed that i just wasn't getting a decent embryo. My first MMC was at 11.5 weeks and the feotus stopped at 8 weeks and with the second I MC'd at 7 weeks but at a scan at 6 weeks they could only see a sac. So I feel like it is almost definitely down to my age. Also i have a 10 and 7 year old and both those pregs went fine.

In my book about MC's it says that in women over 40 who MC - about 80% of the time it is down to chromosone problems.

Also, this whole thyroid thing has only recently cropped up for me - so I had not even considered it being a reason for the MC's.

It does seem that quite a few of us on here have had MC's but then unfortunately they are common occurrences.

When are you getting the tests done besom??

mummysleepy Tue 14-Sep-10 21:54:27

I am glad to have found this thread! I am borderline underactive thyroid but have been feeling terrible. My antibodies were strongly positive (210)
I went to my GP to ask about thyroxine because we are TTC #3. She hadn't heard about having TSH <2 for TTC but emailed the local specialist. I was expecting him to say just monitor me but he has recommended starting thyroxine!!
I am picking up my prescription tomorrow and can't wait to start as I have been feeling terrible for ages (exhausted, a bit down etc) and I am really hoping this will help me feel better.

My most recent bloods were actually not that bad (TSH 3.3) but obviously the antibodies swayed the decision my way

bessie26 Tue 14-Sep-10 22:05:07

besom am jealous you can get referred! After my 2nd MC I asked to be referred (i am 37, so wanted any problems identified ASAP) My GP said she would try to refer me (which is why I had all the blood tests done so she could fill the form in) But said that it was likely to be rejected as I had got "spontaneously" pg twice in a year, and they will only investigate after 3 MC.

I figure that if one in three pg ends in MC, then the laws of averages state that I will be fine for another 3 babies grin

Besom Wed 15-Sep-10 07:07:04

How far along are you bessie?

It's obviouusly a bit of a post code lottery then with the referrals.

I'm going at the end of November. Referral was made at the beginning of June so it does take quite a while.

Hi mummysleepy - the thyroxine made a big difference to me. I was still tired (because new mum) but it wasn't so bone tired.

LadyGoneGaga Wed 15-Sep-10 07:46:39

Welcome Mummysleepy, you should notice a big difference. How long have you been ttc for? Do you have DC already?

Bessie I reckon you should be good for another 5 babies at least!

hippychick66 Wed 15-Sep-10 09:31:30

bessie yes I agree. I heard a horrid statistic last night that in women over 45 there is a 50% chance of MC. arrgghhh I just turned 44. But then I thought well if I'm gonna listen to statistics then that means I've had my share already. If i get a third try I would be entitled to 1.5 babies so i should get a healthy baby next time -blimey that made a lot more sense in my head than it does in type grin

These numbers seem so random. How can I have 9.07 and 88 for antibodies and mummysleep be 3.3 and 210. They don't seem to relate to each other at all. It's so confusing isn't it.

welcome mummysleep. really glad we started this thread now.

By the way, i am away for a week from Friday (in my beloved IOW),so if i go missing please don't think I don't care - I just might not get internet access and I don't have an I-phone shock.

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